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3 Baths at the foot of the Gypsy for «economic and spiritual evolution»

Baths for spiritual cleansing

Many of us have a gypsy spirit that guides us spiritually and offers us the right path, being that gives us light to overcome the obstacles and problems of life.

Everyone has their gypsy or gypsy in their own way, it depends on what that spirit dictates, for example how they like to dress, their color, their tastes and preferences.

Baths for spiritual cleansing

Baths for spiritual cleansing with white flowers

Today I share a bathroom that attracts prosperity, development and gives you those energies that you may need to continue with the open path.

With the permission of what you administer to me and my spiritual guides I offer you this regenerating bath and I hope that it will be useful for your spiritual and economic advancement.

These baths will be for 3 days in a row or every other day, that is, leaving a day in between. But in total it will be 3 bathrooms.

Ingredients you need:

  • Container
  • White flowers
  • Honey bee
  • Rosemary
  • Parsley
  • Birdseed
  • Lavender Cologne (perfume)
  • Holy Water 
  • 1 white candle

What to do if some items are missing?

Salvia rosmarinus popularly known as Rosemary
Rosemary plant

The ingredients are very easy to acquire, but in case you are missing any for example the rosemary, you can replace it with a plant that, like this, purifies, protects and generates good energy, to name a few:

  • Good grass,
  • marjoram,
  • mint,
  • always alive or prodigious,
  • basil.

In the case of rosemary for this bath we are going to use the tips of each branch that you collect.

When picking them up, you must pass your hand faithfully over the branch you choose as if stroking the plant:

First you caress her out three times and you say: «Romero, let the bad come out» and then three times inwards saying "Romero, let the good come in."

White flowers You can collect them from the field they do not necessarily have to be bought, the important thing is that they are white because they will not help to purify the body.

Birdseed it can be substituted for rice, because both provide abundance.

Holy water it can be from your cup of the Blessed Sacrament of your spiritual vault or serene water. If you do not know how to prepare the serene water, I recommend read this article “CLICK HERE”

These are some suggestions in case you are missing these ingredients and you think you cannot make the bathroom, the important thing is that you do it with faith.

How do we prepare the water to take these baths?

  1. First in the container you pour common water, and inside the white flowers, pour a splash of honey, the collected rosemary, parsley, birdseed, lavender cologne and holy water.
  2. You should always smear the candle with honey from the wick inwards, and we smear it 3 times to attract all the good that we ask for.
  3. You put this container in front of your gypsy or gypsy and light that candle for a while.
  4. Then you use both hands and squeeze all the ingredients deposited into the water so that they release their essence, always with the candle lit.

Recommendations for the ritual bath:

You will take the baths for spiritual cleansing After the ordinary bath, from the shoulders down leaving that water on your body, do not use the towel and let it dry itself.

Then I recommend dress as lightly as possible, preferably white, do not forget clean the shower when you finish the bath and throw the items in the trash.

Always at bath time you should light that candle until the ritual is over, then turn it off.

In every shower view your orderDo the work from the heart, with great faith, always asking for the good and you will see how little by little the roads open up.

I wish you with the blessing of my gypsy and that of your Guardian Angel to bring you development and a lot of light, but above all health.

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