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Baths for the children and devotees of Oshún. It attracts iré and luck in life!

Baths for the children of Oshun

Oshun the Goddess owner of the river, gold, fresh waters and sacred honey, it is the African queen who will help us achieve the development we need to prosper.

First of all, I will remind you that without faith neither this bath nor any spiritual work you do will work for you, that is the most essential ingredient.

Faith, will and love are paramount in everything we do to get ahead, whether in life or in religion.


  • 2 candles
  • 5 tablespoons honey
  • Water from Oshun's tureen
  • 5 pumpkin blossoms
  • 5 essences of perfumes placed in Oshun

These baths for the children of Oshun can also be made by devotees:

  • In case you have not received Oshún, you can use a little fresh water and another little river water, fresh waters that represent the Orisha in Santería or Osha Ifá Rule.

How is it done? Baths for development and well-being at the foot of Oshun

First you must light the 2 candles at the foot of Oshun and pray to the African goddess, and if she has her ringing her bell with great faith and love.

Short prayer to invoke Oshun in this ritual

Blessings my mother!
Iyá Oshún adorable mother, queen of beauty, owner of riches, that in the waters of your rivers and waterfalls bañaIt's your beautiful skin.
With all respect and love, I ask you with faith and love to grant me the prosperity, peace and prosperity that I need to open my paths to success.
Before you I put this bath so that with your sweet essence you cover my body and grant me the bonanza.
In your name, so be it mother Oshun!

Directions for preparing the bath:

  1. In a container you put a little water from the Oshun tureen, the 5 tablespoons of honey, 5 pumpkin flowers and a little of each of the 5 perfumes.
  2. It is important that the amounts are in number five, because this is the mark of Oshun.
  3. Then you will be next to Oshún for a while and you must take a bath with the candles still lit.
  4. You will give the bath from the neck down and I recommend it be 5 weeks in a row, on Saturdays.
  5. After the spiritual bath, collect the flowers and throw them in the trash.

May these baths bring you a lot of ashe, a lot of health and evolution in your life, talk with the goddess of love from sincerity and faith and you will see how the paths open.

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