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3 Spiritual Baths to bring out bad luck and attract Open Paths

Bathrooms to remove bad luck

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a bath and getting rid of the fatigue and stress accumulated during the day.

That is why the so-called spiritual baths, which was accompaniedañaDue to the healing properties and esoteric powers of various natural elements, they are the best remedy to ward off the bad vibrations that we pick up in the outside world and instead call in positive energy.

When we feel tired, stressed and charged with bad energy, we must take a good spiritual bath to eliminate all that bad energy that we carry with us.

We can also ask for luck and blessings through them.

Spiritual baths help us to:

  • Clean the energy of our body,
  • open the paths of life,
  • attract peace, love, health and prosperity.

Of course, there are many plants and natural elements that we can use in these spiritual baths, but we must take into account our immediate purposes to know which one we should use specifically for our needs.

We now propose 3 spiritual baths that will favor our luck and attract prosperity.

Bath "opens paths" with rue for good luck and fortune

Magical properties of rue
Rue plant, its scientific name is "Ruta graveolens"

Rue is a herb that since time immemorial has been associated with spiritual protection and cleansing of energies.

What spiritual powers does this plant give us?

  • It helps to clarify our thinking, to make plans concrete and to open the paths to our dreams.
  • It has numerous healing properties that ward off negative energies and can help us get out of a bad stage in our life.
  • Its medicinal and relaxing properties provide peace and tranquility.
  • Help harmony reign and evil desires and evil spirits do not penetrate.
  • It favors the purification of the mind and spirit, making the bad vibrations that attack the thoughts disappear.
  • It is used to combat envy, bad eyes and episodes of insomnia.

Rue baths have great benefits, among which are balancing the mind and purifying energies, eliminating bad vibes and keeping negative thoughts at bay, attracting good luck and bringing calm.

In addition to helping fight insomnia and mental fatigue.

To make a classic rue bath we must:

  • Place the fresh herbs in three liters of warm water, and let them release all their internal juices and the essence of this powerful plant.
  • We can add coarse salt, which is a powerful element that will help us purify ourselves.
  • Thus, the water flavors and changes color.
  • We let that mixture rest for several hours.
  • Before showering, we can light an aromatic candle or incense to strengthen the ritual bath.

How should we take the bath?

First, we take a bath as we usually do, cleaning the body well.

It is important that throughout the bath we keep in mind all the positive energy that we want to attract and especially our need for luck and prosperity.

Finally, we use the preparation of water and rue to wet our entire body.

When we leave, we let our body dry naturally and, while we absorb all the energy of the herbs, we can take advantage of it to meditate and ask our spiritual guides for that luck that we need so much to carry out our plans.

Basil bath for luck, love and eliminate negativity from our life

Basil Plant

Basil is an herb with many applications, in culinary, in medicine and also in esoteric and magical rituals. It is also an excellent air freshener.

Basil has multiple medicinal properties such as:

  • Relieve respiratory conditions,
  • increase milk flow in breastfeeding mothers,
  • to heal wounds,
  • help a good digestion,
  • strengthen the nervous system, etc.

Basil concentrates a great positive energy that emerges from its great medicinal powers.

Basil baths, what are they for?

This plant has a magical essence that gives it powers with which:

  • Attract luck,
  • success in business is achieved,
  • opens paths for prosperity to come,
  • provides spiritual protection,
  • strengthen love,
  • provides abundance and health.

The main power of a spiritual basil bath, is to remove all the negativity from our body and soul and get away from harmful energies.

We prepare the basil bath as follows:

  1. We put a liter and a half of water on the fire.
  2. When it starts to boil we put a bouquet of basil and we can also add sprigs of cinnamon, which is very powerful to attract good things.
  3. Let it boil for 3 minutes.
  4. After this solution is warm, we strain it and the ritual water for the bath is ready.

After taking a normal bath and cleaning ourselves, we must sponge the liquid that we have prepared from head to toe.

As we do so, we must fill ourselves with positive thoughts and feel the bad vibes move away from us.

In addition, we must meditate on what we need in life.

“Destrancadera” bath to attract Good Luck with cinnamon

Cinnamon Sprigs

The cinnamon It is one of the most used elements in white magic and esotericism and occupies a primordial place among the magical elements for good luck.

It can be used in a myriad of ways and for a myriad of purposes.

One of the most frequent uses is to attract good luck, good energies and in turn eliminate negative energy.

Cinnamon is used in the spiritual world to:

  • Clean the houses of all negativity, and to attract good luck.
  • It is said that you can sprinkle your shoes with cinnamon so that good luck always accompanies you and on your cheeks to generate attraction.
  • This spice helps the spiritual vibrations for abundance and personal success.
  • Keep bad influences away.
  • The magical baths with cinnamon can help us call the luck that we need so much.

To make the baths with cinnamon we must:

  • Boil a chopped cinnamon stick in water for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Fill the bathtub or bucket with warm water.
  • If we have a bathtub, añaWe gave the preparation to the water and submerged ourselves.
  • If we shower, at the end we should rub the prepared all over the body.

Keep in mind that we must always think positive and relax while taking these baths, so that the good vibes surround us.

When we finish, we must let the body dry itself, at least 10 minutes.

  • We can do all the baths once a month to enhance protection. The important thing is that you put spirituality in it, and trust in its power.

Other cleanses that will bring you lots of positive vibes in your life:

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