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Do you want to remove the bad energies of the body? 3 powerful baths

Baths to remove bad energies from the body

The protective spirits God assigns them to take care of us from birth to death, we receive protection and help in all walks of life thanks to their powers.

Your mission it is to help us on the earthly plane to be healthy and prosperous, for this reason they guide us on the path of good with advice, consoling us in afflictions and lifting our spirits in the trials of life.

But we must know something, when our protective spirits notice that we do not accept their advice in our lives, they tend to move away, until we listen to them and follow the light they share with us.

Of course, they never leave us and are always there when we need them, we just have to pay attention and live in tune with the perfect plans they have prepared for our lives.


Bath to ward off bad influences on behalf of your protective spirits

The spiritual baths to remove bad energies from the body they are powerful because they open the paths bringing light, health and evolution, luck will come to you...

  1. Take the rice and throw it in a pot of water, putting it to boil for approximately 15 minutes.
  2. When you turn it off, let it cool and then take out the rice (you can throw it away or use it in whatever you want, in this ritual we will not use it).
  3. Meanwhile, you throw the forever alive or prodigious leaves in a container with water and start to squeeze them to get all the juice and essence out of them.
  4. When that water is green, you strain it or remove the leaves, which will go in the trash.
  5. Then añaof that herbal juice to the boiled rice water.
  6. You also add a bit of cocoa butter, an egg white, 3 small tablespoons of honey, half a ball of cascarilla and mix everything well.

Tips for performing the ritual bath correctly:

  • When you have everything ready, light the candle in your vault and in front of it place the container with the bath water.

If you do not have spiritual vault, then you can put the bath preparation on the floor and light the candle next to it.

  • When lighting the candle you ask for the blessing of your protective spirits and give knowledge of the bath that you are going to perform in their name and what you need from them.
  • In order for them to be effective, you should preferably take these baths to remove the bad energies from the body through three fridays in a row.
  • The baths will always be given from the neck down and then you let that ritual water dry on the body by itself.
  • I advise wearing white or light colors after bathing, and preferably before going to sleep.

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