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How to baptize a Spiritual Representation? Tips You Should Know

Baptize Spiritual Representation

The christening is a first act of communion that every religious human being should receive.

Through this phenomenon, the person is consecrated under the doctrines of his faith, acquiring the protection he needed and the recognition of his deities before himself and before the world.

Christening practices within yoruba religion They do not go back only to people because each object that is used in the development of their rituals must be previously consecrated.

Water and herbs are two elements indispensable in the aforementioned ritual.

  • The first ingredient represents life and
  • the second, the spirit that lives in nature.

The receptacles of the Orishas, ​​the sacred necklaces, the tools, the stones and the snails are clear examples of all the objects to which consecrations are applied in the rule of Osha-Ifá.

As in other manifest religious currents in Cuba, the Yoruba religion recognizes the importance of baptism.

This branch of faith that came to us through the first Africans who set foot on Cuban soil includes the practice of baptism on spiritual representations, a phenomenon that is supported in turn by the development of spiritist doctrine in Cuba.

Why is a Spirit represented?

The representation of the spirits arises based on the need to grant the Eggunes a material place on earth.

  • First of all, to encourage their spiritual development, and
  • later to guarantee a place where the religious could offer him attention and make consecrations and calls.

This event of giving a body and a place to the Eggunes is not an inherent practice of this religion because in all religious communities a saintly representation and the construction of a temple are established to profess the faith.

How can I meet the spiritualities that accompany me?añan?

In order to know what spirits accompany usañaNo need to conduct a mass investigation.

Through this encounter with the help of an experienced medium they will unravelañaing the tables that will give way to the knowledge of these entities.

All spirits do not ask to be represented, those that do require this procedure will offer the specificities that they want their representations to have and the search for the dolls that will become the materialized spirit on an object will be based on these requirements.

This should not be interpreted as the phenomenon that the spirit manifests through human matter or that the dead come, as these are two totally different phenomena.

How to baptize a spiritual representation?

  • The christening of the spiritual representations begins from the moment the doll is chosen.
  • Once it has entered the home this should be bañado with holy water.
  • Next, an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Gloria are prayed to him and he is welcomed to the ilé (house).
  • It is given a name, which is generally prior knowledge of the religious and,
  • it is located in the place of the house where it asked to be.

On this representation other types of evolutions can be carried out that will depend on the needs of the religious and the orientations of Eggún.  

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