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Beautiful Representation of Inle in his day: Dedicate this Prayer to him

Inle Representation

Today we celebrate the day of Inle, an orisha of healing and medicine in the Yoruba tradition.

He is syncretized with Saint Raphael the Archangel in the Catholic religion, who is also considered a healer and protector of health. Both share the essence of healing and protection, guiding those who seek to heal both physically and spiritually, which is why we worship them together in the Santeria.

On this special day, we can honor him by lighting a green candle, its representative tone. Through our gratitude and sincere requests, we can ask for protection and healing for ourselves and our loved ones.

May the light of this candle illuminate our paths and give us the healing we need in body, mind and spirit. May Inle guide and protect us at all times.

Prayer to Inle for Protection and Family Harmony

Facing Dangers with Faith

My orisha Inle, protector and healer of restless souls, today I thank you for the gift of the present, where every moment is an opportunity to grow and learn. Thank you for the day before me.

In these moments of gratitude I thank you, and I also approach you with a heart full of fears and frustrations. I feel the presence of dangers lurking and negative energies surrounding me, creating a shadow that darkens my path. In this hour of need, I implore you, Inle, to extend your hands of light and protect me. May your divine shield ward off the evils that try to penetrate my space and disturb my peace.

In your grace and wisdom, I find comfort for the ailments of my soul and the worries of my heart. I beg you, oh great Inle, to guide my steps towards safety and serenity. Help me overcome the obstacles I encounter and transform negative energies into positive forces that propel me forward.

Furthermore, I ask you for my family, that sacred bond that unites us. In your hands I trust the harmony and well-being of the beings I love. May your blessings fall on them like sweet and revitalizing rain, protecting them from harm and strengthening our family ties. May we find strength in our unity to overcome any adversity and love to nourish each other.

In this moment of faith, I surrender to you, Inle, with faith and humility. I know that your power is infinite and your love is unconditional. May this prayer reach you like a whisper of the soul, and may your response manifest in our daily lives, bringing with it the peace, protection and joy that we so need.

With gratitude and hope, I say goodbye, trusting in your eternal goodness.

So be it, ashe.

Image gallery: Representation of Inle

📷 Many thanks to the Photos and this beautiful work Courtesy of Lázaro Martínez, Dancer of the company Raíces Profundas @lachyowen

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