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Do you know the powerful benefits of Scented Candles?

The benefits of scented candles

Candles are very spiritual elements and they have been used in religious cults and rituals for centuries.

The fact of being able to illuminate the corners, makes them take on a mystical meaning that drives away darkness and bad energies.

These very spiritual elements are used in numerous rituals and works, especially when we want to ward off bad vibes and negative spirits.

Scented candles are also very powerful, especially help to banish dark energies through the essential oils of powerful plants and provide an environment of peace and tranquility.

Aromatherapy and relaxation: smells for peace and quiet

Aromatherapy is the discipline that stimulates the body's functions at a sensory and extra-sensory level through the use of smells.

And that is why scented candles are added to healing and relaxation therapies, to eliminate stress and reduce fatigue.

How does lighting scented candles benefit us in our home or business?

Benefits of scented candles

When the candles burn, they easily spread the aroma of essential oils through the environment, creating an atmosphere that inspires serenity and a sense of calm that relaxes people, both on the body, mind and spirit.

In fact, therapists recommend turning off the lights and lighting scented candles to better focus on the healing effect of different scents.

Recommendations before use:

  • It is best to light the candle in the morning.añana and another at night, to create a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Depending on our needs and desires, it will be the smell that we must choose.
  • We can light them in the habitation of the house that we want the energy to flow.
  • Remember that everything will flow better if the space where you place it is clean and organized.

11 types of candles according to their aroma and their meaning:

Scented apple candles

And it is that the essences contained in the aromatic candles are attributed relaxing, healing and spiritual effects. For example:

Cinnamon candle:

It is an aphrodisiac and a mental stimulant. Its power is able to eliminate bad vibes and attracts luck and love. Its aroma sweetens the bad character.

Coconut candle:

Reduce the negative environment. Attract good friends and sweeten the environment. Its color and smell bring peace, help ward off disease.

Lavender candle:

Purifies and calms, eliminates anxiety and stress, helps clear tired minds. Widely used when preparing for exams.

Jasmine candle:

Antidepressant, relaxing and sedative. Eliminate unpleasant odors.

Apple candle:

Relax the atmosphere. It is an excellent remedy for migraineaña, and alleviate anguish, worries and complicated situations.

Vanilla candle:

It is flavoring, sweetening, antidepressant, and soothing. Its fragrance is good for creating a loving and sensual environment, as it attracts men as well as women.

Lemon candle:

Avoid depression, anxiety, and dizziness. It is very refreshing to clear the mind and our goals.

Eucalyptus candle:

Combat respiratory symptoms, disinfect the environment and promote concentration.

Rose candle:

It alleviates depression, insomnia, headaches, sadness and stress in general.

Orange candle:

It helps to cure different ailments, as it is antispasmodic, sedative, astringent, antiseptic and purifying.

Cedar candle:

Inspires encouragement and optimism. It enhances the balance and connection between the physical and the spiritual, helping our mind to clear and have good judgment. Calm aggressiveness.

Get to know some of the spiritual baths where you can añadir scented candles:

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