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Do you know how to set up the Spirit Vault? A portal between 2 worlds

Spiritual vault

The Spiritual Vault It is the center of power used by the religious to worship their ancestors and communicate with the spirits.

This behaves like the portal that intertwines the astral universe with the terrestrial plane, linking both worlds through the same element.

Everything you need to know to set up the spiritual vault:

Assemble the Spirit Vault

To mount the spiritual vault the following elements are required:

  • a table,
  • a white tablecloth,
  • six glasses and a glass, all transparent,
  • a crucifix,
  • a small vase (vase) and
  • White flowers.

First you must choose the right place

The first thing to take into account is to select the place in the house where the table will be placed, which will be the main support of the vault.

It should be a site that is not in the public eye and that can keep some privacy.

It is important that it is not a place where it is very hot or that its stability is in danger.

Place the vault elements

The next thing is to cover the surface of the table with a white tablecloth.

Then the glasses and the glass filled with water at room temperature are placed, in such a way that the glass is at the top and is followed in parallel by two vertical rows of three glasses each.

The crucifix is ​​placed on the cup and to the right of this the vase with white flowers is placed.

Some religious place on the spiritual vault certain representations of the spiritualities that accompany them.añan.

Although it is valid to mention that spirits lacking in light and mystical deities should not be represented on this magical portal.

The secrets of the spiritual vault.

Spiritual Vault position at rest

The spiritual vault and achieving communication with beings from beyond continue to be two great enigmas today.

Despite the multiple investigations that have been related to this topic, there are many theories that remain an enigma for man.

On this, great mysteries and religious secrets are raised, among these we can mention the usefulness of tobacco smoke to activate the Eggunes and the virtue of the water in their vessels to cure the evil eye and other astral evils through baths and spoils.

The 2 most powerful weapons that exist to work in the spiritual vault are:

  • the white candle and
  • the prayer book.

With these tools the spiritist will be able to obtain great astral reach and to bring light to the ancestral entities.

La cascarilla, cologne and basil are three necessary vehicles to get rid of bad vibrations and obtain spiritual advancement and inner peace through prayer, with these elements the spiritualities that accompany us are attractedañan.

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