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Calling the Trendy Eggun in Yemayá: Preparation of the Vault

Yemayá Vault

Spiritual gatherings are the perfect setting to try to communicate with our Eggunes (spirits).

From the beginning of the spiritualistic practices in Cuba, the medium relied on Allan Kardec's prayer book to make a call to the spirits inviting them to attend mass in order to:

  • Reach development and
  • convey messages to your participants.

The songs written to make calls during the spiritual masses reached the same importance as the prayers, because through these it was easier to attract the spiritual ones with Franciscan currents.

Specifically those that are related to the avatars of the Orisha Yemayá, who is a holy witch and fortune teller.

How to prepare a vault to call the Eggunes with a tendency in Yemayá?

Before the realization of a spiritual mass:

  1. It should be arranged around the table corresponding to the vault of chairs so that the participants can locate themselves.
  2. Previously, the seven glasses with water or glasses must be mounted on a white tablecloth, taking care of the neatness.
  3. On the table the flowers will be arranged.
  4. A representation of the Blessed Sacrament can be placed on it, a spiritual representation that governs the house in which the meeting will be held can also be invited to the table.

The chants that we offer below are a direct tribute to all the Eggunes with a tendency in Yemayá.

When the main medium attends a meeting and detects these currents, it is his duty to call them this way.

Flowers that we must place:

In the houses where there is greater spiritual influence related to Yemayá, white flowers and black princes cannot be absent in the vault.

  • The first flowers will guarantee the necessary purity so that the spirits can manifest themselves,
  • while the red roses represent the paths of Yemayá as this is the Orisha's favorite flower.

Must also añasay on the table tobacco and a bouquet of basil.

In front of the vault must be placed:

  • A basin (container) with water,
  • cascarilla,
  • colony and
  • flower petals.

In the particular case that concerns us, the white and red petals must converge in the container, on some occasions and by direct design of developed Eggunes it can be añaAdd a little brandy or indigo to the basin.

The color blue must prevail in the dressing room of the guests:

  • The santeras visit their skirts and their blue keels,
  • while the men cover their heads with hats of these shades.

Spiritual song in the name of the Virgin of Regla

Sailor, sailor,

High seas sailor:

Lend me your little waffle

To go sailing.

If I were a sailor

Real sailor

I would lend you my basket

To go sailing.

To row, to row, to row,

To row, to row, to row,

To row, to row, to row,

That the Virgin of Regla is going to accompany usañar.

Call to the spirits related to Yemayá for the spiritual mass

From the depths of the sea

I feel a voice calling me

It is the voice of an African

Who comes to greet us

Yemayá dear mother

Give us the blessing

And cover us with your mantle, mother

That Our Lord gave you.

We share some rituals on behalf of Queen Yemayá:

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