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Who are Boromú and Boronsiá? The Orishas Guardians of the desert

Bromú and Brosiá

Bromú and Brosiá Names with which these deities are also identified are minor Orishas belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon, which is why they are not crowned directly in the Osha.

Deities Guardians

These brothers treasure among their knowledge the secrets of the king of the dead: OduduwaSince these deities are their protectors, they are closely linked with the Orisha, it is not difficult to deduce that they share a dwelling with him.

The nomadic Orishas who habitain the desert

These Orishas habitan in the desert, a place where water is scarce and storms do not hit. They are often depicted as two nomads crossing the sun-warmed sands on their camels.

It is frequent that they manifest themselves as mirages before men who are alone and disoriented in the desert, offering them a safe way of return.

Bromú and Brosiá: in the union is strength

The brotherly love that intertwines them is the same that makes it possible for their minds to blend in, hence the secret of their strength, an ancient pataki relates that when they unite there is no force in the world that they cannot defeat.

Who is Bromú?

Boromú symbolizes the human skeleton, is a deity closely linked to death. He is the holy protector of the desert sand, Olofin in return for his actions gave him the gift of controlling the currents.

This orisha was a direct disciple of Yewá with whom he lived in the cemetery and thanks to this he learned to predict the future of humans.

Who is Brosiá?

Brosiá, the name by which this Orisha is also known, manifests itself through tornadoes, its strength is so brutal that it is capable of devastating entire forests in its path.

Dust is one of its representative elements, of which we are part once we leave this world, because according to the Bible:

From dust we come and to dust we return.

Boronsiá guards the gate of the cemetery, being in charge of allowing the entrance of the corpses and the funeral procession that accompanies them.aña before descending to the entrancesañas of the earth.

The sons of Yewá

Some stories reveal that Boromú and Boronsiá are immediate descendants of Yewa y Shango, mighty saints of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Some Representations and Offerings for these saints

These Orishas, Bromú and Brosiá, habitan in some red jars which contain snails and stones. His necklace is made with red beads, it ends with a black and a white bead.

Various animals such as the white rooster, the pigeon and the guinea fowl are sacrificed in his name. You can offer flowers, candles, coconuts and other fresh fruits, dates being your favorite.

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