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The legend of Ana, the witch of Remedios who made the hair stand on end

Witch of Remedios

The XNUMXth century contributed endless legends to Remedios that relate demonic apparitions and possessions, which, guided by popular dominance and religious traditions, were enriched with the desire to endure in the social heritage.

  • San Juan de los Remedios, better known as Remedios, is a municipality and city located in the center of Cuba, belonging to the province of Villa Clara.

Story of Ana de Rojas, the one who always carried a candle in her hands

Ana de Rojas was a young woman born in a golden cradle, as her family was recognized as one of the founders of the town.

But like all stories, this one is not about a young woman from high society, but about what she would become over the years, because as we mentioned earlier, Ana's family would have a house for her that due to lack of arrangements and concerns it was transformed into a dim mansion.

The bad-looking woman with few hygienic habits left her house every day carrying a lit candle in her hands.

In her wanderings, Ana would go through the town raving and sometimes she would cry out with laments that made more than one hair stand on end.

Over the years, the old woman was a faithful devotee of the Catholic Church, so it was not surprising.añar that the end of your beamañas were seen detained at the door of the Church.

Place where one of the oldest employees of the family went to pick her up for charity, tried to feed her and then led her to her ruined home, where she continued with her laments.

Life after death, one of Ana's obsessions

It is believed that Ana went crazy in her youth, after dedicating almost one hundred percent of her time to fixing the Local Church, creating with herself a kind of obsession with esotericism and life after death, guaranteeing with her sacrificial actions a decent place in the sky.

Work that was seen in decline with the deterioration of the temple and the lack of resources to repair it.

The residents of Remedios were not happy with Ana, so they asked the authorities to confine her to her home, a fact that over time contributed to her continuous deterioration, so the old woman became more surly and upset.

Due to her screaming, her personal appearance and her lifestyle, Ana was baptized as the witch of Remedios.

Being remembered by the oldest in their appearances prowling the church and the streets of the town, always carrying with them the candle that would light their way to the eternal bliss of entering the kingdom of heaven with faith.

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