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Chain of prayer to the Orishas to implore health and cessation of diseases

Print of the seven African powers

I ask today for the world, I implore Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare to take away this virus that is affecting so many lives.

Kneeling before my Orishas I ask that with your benevolence you intercede for us and forgive all our faults, which have been enough.

Many have played to be Eleggúa, Oggún, Oshosi, Shangó, Obatalá, Oshún, Yemayá, Oyá; let's wake up abures, they gave us the blessing of crowning us and being their children, but we are not deities, only the Orishas have the power. 

Let's keep asking with a lot of faith to make them listen to us, that our world comes out of this nightmare and we become better every day.

Begging for her intercession for the health of the world.

We ask Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare and our Orishas to forgive our faults and that our prayers be answered:

Baba Obbatala may your mantle bless us all;

Iyá Yemayá, Olokún and Oshún cleanse with its healing waters;

which Oggún, Shango, Oshosi, Aggayú, with your thunders, machetes, arrows, force help us;

which Babalu Aye as always hold us;

which Eleggua divine prince continue to open paths for us, but of health;

which Oyá have mercy on us and may your winds drive away this plague that attacks us;

and that orula give us infinite wisdom.

Let's light candles, but with fervor, love so that all this evil disappears.

Much faith abures and all united. Blessings.

Let's continue the chain of prayer asking the powerful seven African Powers:

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