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The Cajon to Eggún in the Rule of Palo Mayombe

Cajon to Eggún

El Cajon a eggun It is a sacred ceremony within the Yoruba religion, was inherited to our generation by the first Congos who habitaRum the Island

In the Palo Mayombe rule This rite is very important in the initiations of those consecrated in this religious branch since they not only use the box as a celebration, they also use it as a sacred ritual.

Depending on the purpose for which the drawer will be given, we proceed to request the respective authorization from the godfather's garment, who will decide whether he wants to receive it or not, making it clear whether the touch can be made.

In what rituals of the Palo Mayombe is the Cajon a Eggún used?

In the Palo Mayombe This touch is part of the scratching and consecration rituals, it is used in order to summon the spirits.

It is curious to note that one of its most peculiar uses is related to the death of a drainer, the name by which the consecrated person in this religious sect is known, through the sound of the boxes the spirit acquires enough light to complete its elevation to the Astral plane.

Requirements to make a Cajón in the Rule of the Suit

It is tradition that each initiate in the palería offers a drawer as a tribute to his godfather's garment in order to pay tribute to him.

Before performing the touch, immolations can be offered to the garment such as feathery animals and four legs.

In the same way, flowers are paid and a throne is made on the basis of herbs.

It is essential to make a mambabisi, this dish is also known under the name of ajiaco, which consists of a stew of viands that requires the presence of a pig's head as the main element.

Chamba, a drink typical of this religious sect, is blown to the foundation, fruits such as guava, melon and bomb fruit are arranged, it can also be offered brandy and other traditional dishes in this patriarchal branch.

How does this treat unfold?

Once the guests and cajoneros have arrived, they must pay tribute to the foundation, once this is done, the license is requested to start the nfumbi, thus inviting all the spirits to receive the treat.

The chants and touches begin softly and as time passes they gradually become accelerated in order to influence the supernatural entities to lower the monanso (house).

The touch is only dismissed when the main Eggún is satisfied and wishes to retreat to his foundation, for this moment of the ritual there are specific songs that are only pronounced in order to close the meeting.

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