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What is the Cajón a Eggún? A direct ritual for the spirits

Drawer to the dead

The drawer It is a Yoruba touch that is performed in order to please eggunThis ceremony consists of songs and cajon hits that are sung so that the spirits leave the astral plane and go down to earth through the mediums.

The tradition of giving it a drawer to the dead dates back more than 500 years when the first slaves were brought to Cuba to develop agricultural work on the plantations of caña of sugar and coffee.

The Batá drums and the Cajones were one of the few elements of their religious idiosyncrasy that they were able to keep rooted in the barracks as a complement to their day-to-day life, since to save their religion they were forced to shelter their deities under the mantle and crown of the white saints belonging to the Catholic Church.

Why is this ritual called Eggún's box?

The playing of the box, a conga or Bantu percussion instrument, is the reason that gives rise to the name of this ritual, which is accompanied byañado of the word Eggún, which is translated into Yoruba as dead and it is precisely to its representation that the celebration is directed.

What is a spiritual drawer?

What differentiates the Spirit drawer Of another type of rituals are precisely the invocation songs which are directed especially to the cord spirits, for example to the Congolese, the Indians and other African spiritual currents with which the santero identifies.

For what purpose is the Cajon ceremony performed in the Yoruba Religion?

The main objective of this ceremony is to entertain the protective spirits.

This ritual is also summoned in order to thank a favor obtained or to obtain Eggún's blessing, which is required to overcome a certain situation, break a sorcery or pay a promise to the dead person.

Ceremony of the drawer to the dead:

A set of drawers, an assistance to the spiritual vault and a soup are the three fundamental elements to carry out this treat.

When the religious is going to give a gift of grace to the spirits, the first thing to do is go to the representation of Eggún and ask him through the obbinus (four pieces of coconut) if he wishes to receive the touch.

If the answer is affirmative, the other preparations are made.

Addimús to the Eggun:

The day should be opened with a good service to the dead in this the santero should include a bouquet of flowers, a candle, a cup of coffee, a gourd with brandy, a glass of clear water and another of sugar water, a bread, a little honey and honey, a clay pot where you will deposit the broth with the head of a pig among other addimús.

It is important to note that the more attention given to Eggún the more satisfied he will feel. 

Assistance to the spiritual vault:

The second thing that must be done is to attend the spiritual vault which must be placed in the space in which the touch will be made.

To this a bouquet of white flowers and basil is placed at the same time that the water is changed in the glasses.

It is necessary to keep two candles lit during the drawer, one in the representation of the dead and the other in the spiritual vault.

A small basin with water, cologne, cascarilla and white flowers for the guests to purify their astral before entering the house.

Broth for the ceremony:

A broth is made with pork meat and viands which is distributed to the guests after the drawer is finished, the religious must have a bundle of tobacco and brandy to offer to the spirits that go down to the ilé.

With the arrival of the cajoneros, the playing begins, which can last from one to five hours, between the sung prayers you can hear the Hail Mary, the Our Father, the call to Mama Francisca and the Song of the Congo of Guinea.

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