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Why is the Drawer to the Dead a Sacred Ceremony in religion?

Eggun Crate

How many of us have given a drawer to dead (Eggun) and then good paths have opened up for us, prosperity and happiness have come to us?

The truth is that a lot of interesting things have happened to me in the drawers to the Egguns.

Other names by which it is known: Some call it cajon de muerto or Eggún, others cajon de palo, cajon touch, but it is the same ceremony.

What does a Cajon mean in the Yoruba religion?

These cajons are musical instruments that are made of wood and have a cajon shape. many accompaniesañan the Yoruba beats with a guataca to plow the earth and sometimes with maracas.

A drawer to the dead in the Yoruba religion is in itself a spiritual touch, an invocation to the spirits.

For what purpose is the cajon played to the Eggun?

This is a sacred religious ceremony, a way to cheer and please the Egguns, sometimes they ask for it themselves to feel venerated and other times we offer it from the heart without them asking for it.

African Egguns "awaken" with the beat of the drum, it is music for their body and with songs of palo monte they come to manifest and dance.

But, in addition, these cajons to the Egguns with their peculiar music break the bad and attract the good.

Although it may seem like a lie to you, this is how I tell you. With a drawer to the dead you unblock paths that hinder your life and bad energies usually disappear.

«Riding a Dead» What is its meaning?

Riding is when the Egguns or spirits take possession of a person, who is called a "horse."

The dead when they take possession of their horse bring advice, remedies, thanks, they tell us what they like and what they don't also, through this powerful connection we can learn a lot from them.

But they should not be so tired or overwhelmed, because that "touch" that we offer is in itself so that the Egguns feel flattered.

What elements should be prepared when the Eggun descend to the earthly plane?

Apart from the preparations for the spiritual vault and of the prayers that must be said before starting the play, you must have some spiritual elements such as cigars, cigars, candles, letters, drinks, among others.

These offerings must be varied because depending on the spirit that is presented, the offer is made, for example, it is not the same as lowering the spirit of a Congo, that of a gypsy, or a nun.

That is, you should always have ready what your Eggun likes, but also for those beings that appear.

Something very important: For the Cajon to Eggun you should always have a paper and pencil ready in case you want to copy what the Dead tell you, just in case you don't remember later.

Above all, because the horses of those Egguns who transmit advice and messages to us will not be remembered after the ceremony.

May the light of our Egguns always guide and bless us!

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