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The Pumpkin is the Piggy Bank of Oshún ≫Offering for prosperity

Oshún Pumpkin

The Orisha Oshún is the queen of honey bees in the Osha. It finds its abode in the river, where it receives its offerings and where the devotees worship it.

This African deity is syncretized in the Catholic Religion with the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, which is considered the Patron Saint of Cuba.

This powerful omnipotence is identified with Gold since it is its precious metal. It represents monetary development and prosperity, a blessing that human beings seek to obtain by performing rituals at the foot of their receptacle.

The Sacred Pumpkin in the Yoruba Religion

Despite possessing great wealth, Oshún is an Orisha who does not see greed favorably, a defect for which she imposes great punishments on her children. The pumpkin is a fruit that must be respected by the children of Oshún and other santeros, because it is one of the means that this saint uses to perform her rituals.

Pumpkin is a sacred vegetable within the Yoruba religion, it is offered to the saints naturally without the need for any cooking process, although it can be offered to them as a stewed addimu.

How to choose the correct pumpkin for the Orishas?

It is important to bear in mind that not just any pumpkin can be paid to the Orishas as it is an essential requirement that it has a crown or in other words the beginning of the stem.

In addition, that it is in good condition and that it has not been previously cut or used previously for another purpose.

The pumpkin that is offered to the Orishas must be beautiful and proportional, it is considered an inviolable rule that it must remain standing once it is placed on the plate. 

Offering with pumpkin for Oshún

  1. When she is in need of monetary development, the saint indicates to make a piggy bank with the pumpkin.
  2. For this, it requires making an opening that allows it to extract all the dough from the interior of the vegetable.
  3. Once clean, añaof honey from bees and a few cents, it is sealed and deposited in front of Oshun's tureen.
  4. The religious kneels, lights two candles for the saint and invokes her through the sound of his bell.
  5. Through the ringing of it, he asks the Orisha to provide him with economic development to support his family.
  6. After five days the offering is taken to the river where it is deposited, ending this magical ritual in this place. 

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