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The cauldron of Oggún ≫ Its load and attributes that represent it

Cauldron of Oggún

Oggún owner of irons and chains, brother of Ochosi and Eleguá, who protects the warriors.

He is a cunning, skilled, savage and brutal orisha. It symbolizes masculine virile strength and potency, hard and hard work.

Represented in nature through metals, tools and chains belong to him and he is associated with wars.

Together with Eleguá, Ochosi and Osun he completes the group of the Warriors of Osha.

Here are some interesting things about the Treaty of Oggún:

What is Oggún's charge as reinforcement?

Pataki the warriors
Cauldron of Oggún next to the representation of Osun

Oggún is reinforced when he indicates it or in case of war.

This Orisha carries a dough prepared with 21 sticks consecrated with brandy, a rooster and other secrets, which are placed on top of the cauldron of the Awo who receives it.

These 21 suits are:

1. Parame
2. Larkspur
3. Scrape tongue
4. Change Voice
5. Have
6. Cuba
7. Cocuyo
8. Moruro
9. Bramble
10. Bankruptcy Ax
11. Help
12. Yaba
13. Sleeve Saya
14. Jaguey
15. Win War
16. Win Battle
17. Granny
18. Sabicu
19. Amansa Handsome
20. Guam

Oggun receptacle "the iron cauldron"

Oggún is located in a receptacle that is a three-legged iron cauldron and carries an Okutá (stone) that is collected in the mountains or on the railroad tracks.

In the ceremonies of Oggún Land from four corners, railway lines, and plowed land from hills, from the jungle, from the cemetery, from the four cardinal points, from a hostel, from banks, among others, are used.

In addition, additionally añagive other secrets.

  • This cauldron is washed with Oggún herbs, and it is the first thing to be done.
  • After drying it is spread with corojo butter and they also tend to put beef tallow.
  • In addition, with a brush and ritualized paint they are painted on the bottom of the Oddún cauldron.
  • Oggún lives in his cauldron together with Oshosi.

Among the main tools of Oggún are:

  • Anvil (Iwele)
  • Lance (Emu) 
  • Hoe (Ode)
  • Mallet (Omuo)
  • Peak (Iwale)
  • Pala (Ikelo) and 
  • Machete (Adam)

Also in your cauldron you can carry: horseshoes, three line nails, magnets, knife, machete, pickaxe, sickle, guadaña, anvil, sledgehammers, crowbars, rakes, cannons, bombs, a chain, pieces of train line, horse bridles.

Attributes in the different paths of Oggún:

The attributes and elements that accompanyañan the owner of the iron, the orisha Oggun, they can vary depending on their paths. Here are a few:

Roads of OggúnAttributes of each avatar
1. Oggun ApitiLine Rail
2. Ogun Alagbo6 machetes and a shield
3. Oggun Shibiriki Eerinwith 21 Tools
4. Ogun Shabeko3 Arrows
5. Ogun Arere1 sickle
6. Ogun Laye1 wick and a scissors
7. Oggun DeiNOTE 9
8. Oggun Edei3 blades
9. Ogun Gives Table14 Pieces (1 Pot of Jiqui (Griseb bumelifolia pear)
10. Ogun AreParts 9
11. Ogun Da Die1 guadaña
12. Ogun BiIron Plates
13. Ogun Meye3 lances
14. Ogun Deka1 punch, 1 chisel, 1 wad without end
15. Ogun Aguida21 pieces and 1 Odu Ara (lightning stone)
16. Ogun Onile14 Pieces and Asho Pupua (red suit)
17. Oggun Kobu Kobu11 pieces, Line Rail and Bellows
18. Oggun Awayeni OgundaParts 14
19. Ogun YenHere Oggún does not take Oti (brandy), nor Dry wine and he has 3 line nails, 1 chisel, 1 knife, square and mason spoon, 1 hammer, chains of all kinds, 1 machete, 4 different spoons, 1 Ota, 1 Machetín, 1 Herradura, and what he drinks is Chamba.
20. Ogun AlajereThis road has handcuffs
21. Oggun OgueeA jar of ox, 1 mirror lined by the edge of Asho Fun Fun and Dun Dun (white and black clothes) cooked with White, Black and Awl is put on it.
22. Ogun KuelekuI accompanied himaña a key
23. Ogun IbanireCarry a Maja
24. Oggun Water NiketaEat siju
25. Ogun EkeHe gets a lot of Ewe Pica Pica
26. Oggun MekaTake a Train and a Suitcase
27. Oggun AsholawuaThis Oggun is from Otrupon Ka. He has 3 large axes in his casserole and a large stone
28. Ogun MeyaTake land from the square
29. Ogun YambiI accompanied himaña as an attribute a dog fang
30. Ogun AikabiHe carries a drum and scimitar
31. Ogun BedeThis path carries a little iron or stick figure
32. Ogun FomaleHis attributes are 101 pieces
33. Oggun MejiHe wears twice as many pieces and a gold chain 

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