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The Orishas, ​​their Syncretism and Yoruba Calendar of celebrations

Yoruba calendar

To the Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon we venerate them on the days of their celebration. These dates in Cuba are associated with their relationship and syncretism with the different saints of the Catholic religion.

In the Rule of Osha or Santeria, the deities of both cults are venerated, both the Yoruba and the Catholic on the same dates, uniting in a single veneration the power and energy of the saints and orishas.

There are even orishas that are celebrated twice a year, because in various places they are associated with different Catholic saints, as in the case of the African deity Oyá Yansa, which is celebrated on February 2 for the Virgen de la Candelaria and on October 15 for Santa Teresa.

Or Eleguá that on January 6 is syncretized with the Santo Niño de Atocha and on June 13 with San Antonio de Padua.

Yoruba Calendar of Saints and Orishas in Santeria:

Orishas costumes

Let's see the dates when Yoruba deities are venerated and celebrated according to their syncretism in Santeria or the Rule of Osha:

Month of January

OrishaSaint in SyncretismDate
Eleguá owner of the roads and crossroads, ruler of destiny, misfortune and happiness.Holy Child of AtochaJanuary 6
Osain del Monte, owner of the mystical energy that governs nature represented in vegetation.San Antonio AbadJanuary 17

February month:

OrishaSaint in SyncretismDate
Oyá, Orisha of the storms, the sparks, the rains and the winds of Life. Directly related to the spirits. This celebration is held in Cuba for its syncretism with the Virgen de la Candelaria.Virgen de la CandelariaFebruary 2

Month of April:

OrishaSaint in SyncretismDate
Yewá, oricha of chastity and virginity, owner of the cemetery and the graves. Reckless warrior in the Yoruba religion. Our Lady of Montserrat27 April

Month of May:

OrishaSaint in SyncretismDate
Orisha Oko, deity of farmland, agriculture and crops. Food vendor to men.San isidro labradorMay 15nd
Obba is the warrior orisha, protector of lakes and lagoons. related to love and loneliness of life. Saint Rita of CassiaMay 22

Month of June:

The 4 Warrior OrishasSaint in SyncretismDate
Oshosi owner of justice, forest, hunting, bow and arrow. Warrior of the mountain and hunter par excellence.St. Norbert6 June
Eleguá, the owner of the roads and decider of our destiny, is also celebrated in June according to his other syncretism with the Saint of Padua. San Antonio de Padua 13 June
Osun, guardian of the heads of the believers and guardian of Orúnmila. Who takes care of the path of the religious. San Juan Bautista24 June
Oggún, the owner of metals and limiter of the balance of positive and negative energies. He works with the iron day and night.San Pedro29 June


OrishaSaint in SyncretismDate
Aggayú Solá orisha of the desert and volcanoes, owner of the transportation of rivers and savannas. The giant of the Osha. San Cristobal25 July
Oke, orisha of the hill, of the mountainsañas and of the heights or elevations of the land. Inseparable from father Obatalá.St. James25 July
Naná Burukú orisha of the rains, swamps and lagoons. The ancestral grandmother who possesses the knowledge of life and death.Santa Ana26 July

Month of September:

OrishaSaint in SyncretismDate
Yemayá protector of motherhood, owner of salty waters and the sea. The mother of the world and of life. The Virgin of ReglaSeptember 7
Oshun owner of sweet waters and orisha of love. Habita in the rivers, she owns everything beautiful and riches. The Virgin of Charity of CopperSeptember 8
Obatalá owner of the creative powers and creator of human beings. He is the father of men on earth.The Virgin of the MercedesSeptember 24
The Ibeyis represent the world of childhood, protective twins of all creatures. Healing Twins. San Cosme and San DamianoSeptember 26

Month of October:

OrishaSaint in SyncretismDate
Orula protector of divination that is expressed through Ifá. The great soothsayer of the Osha owner of wisdom. St. Francis of Assisi4 de Octubre
Oyá, the owner of the rainbow that habita in the dark, in its syncretism with Saint Teresa of Jesus, it is also celebrated in October.Saint Teresa of Jesus15 de Octubre
Inle, patron of doctors and fish, was originally a hunter. The most beautiful of all the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon.Saint Raphael the Archangel24 de Octubre

Month of December:

OrishaSaint in SyncretismDate
Shango, owner of drums, fire and lightning, his energy and power do justice in the land of men.Santa BarbaraDecember 4
Babalú Ayé owner of the land that represents contagious diseases. He is the healing deity of the world.Saint LazarusDecember 17

Some Offerings to invoke the Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon:

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