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Do you know these 8 powerful Roads of Elegguá?

Roads of Elegguá

Eleggua, the Orisha defender of the ways is a holy warrior who has multiple avatars among these we can mention some such as:

  • Echu Alayi Ibere ​​Yeyé;
  • Echu Allah Bona,
  • Echu Alagbon;
  • Echu Allah Muwa Mubata;
  • Echu Awayá;
  • Elegguá Banqueó and
  • Elegguá Barbakikeñerí to cite some of these.

8 Avatars of the Orisha who owns the roads:

8 paths of Elegguá

In these paths the deity plays various roles in which, of course, the protection of the destiny of the human being and the balance between good and evil, life and death prevails.

1. Elegguá Aballe, Olofi's messenger:

On this road Elegguá is the messenger of Olofin. He is the one who performs the function of protector and debugger, sometimes he is the deity in charge of giving way to the ebbó and other holy works.

2. choose afra, accompaniedañante of Babalú Ayé:

This Avatar of Eshu belongs to the arará land. He is the Elegguá that accompaniesaña a Babalu Aye on his wanderings around the world. Your eleke is made from white and black beads.

3. Echu Afrodí and Echu Agroí they wear a crown:

They are essentially oneself, they were also born in the plowed land.

They are made with twenty-four snails. Both are pyramidal in shape and wear a crown on the tip of their heads.

4. Elegguá Agbanukué, punishes with blindness:

It is a guardian Elegguá, provides protection and spiritual strength. He punishes his enemies with the curse of blindness.

It has a metallic arrow on the forehead. It belongs to the priests of Ifá, in this way Elegguá helped Orula to show Olofin that he deserved to be the great oracle of Ifá.

5. Echu Agbalonké the adult:

It is one of the few representations of Eshu in which the saint appears as an adult.

He punishes his enemies and the disobedience of his children with the natural element fire that dominates. 

They call him The Echu of the Eggunes for being the one in charge in this avatar of guiding the army of the dead.

6. Echu Akileyo, the naughty boy:

This Elegguá was born in the sacred land of Oyó. He manifests himself as a playful, mischievous child who loves quarrels.

He is the most mischievous and mischievous of all the Orishas who are continually found playing pranks.

7. Echu Akokorobiya or Akokoriye, the fortune teller:

Among the hobbies of this Elegguá are playing with tops and balls and smoking while guessing the future.

He is a great advisor, he especially protects the children he watches during recreation, he is a lover of fruits and animals.

8. Elegguá Allah Le Ilú, the old man:

This avatar of Elegguá is known in the Yoruba land for having great renown, his skills as a diviner led him to earn the virtue of Olofin and the affection of his devotees.

He is represented as an old man who wears red and black and wears a cap that is decorated on his forehead with three snails.

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