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Los 21 Caminos de Lucero: The deity of the roads in Palo Mayombe

Paths of Lucero Palo Mayombe

Lucero is a deity in Palo Mayombe personifying destiny, life and death, he is the sacred gatekeeper who guards the path and provides guidance and balance.

His colors are red and black, or black and white, and he is the childlike messenger between the two worlds, the deity who opens and closes the doors to misery or happiness.

  • In the Yoruba religion it is related to the owner of the roads and crossroads, the orisha Eshu Elegua. Although it is necessary to emphasize that they are different deities.

Lucero has 21 paths, which represent the 21 types of foundations that can be received depending on the path of the initiate, his sign and his head deity.

Each initiate receives one of the 21 Stars

For example:

If the guardian angel of the ngueyo (initiated in the palo mayombe) is Centella Ndodi, he must receive Lucero Vira Mundo.

When it speaks of Lucero Mundo or Lucero Monte, it refers to the names given to the ngangas of Lucero when baptizing the cauldrons.

These cauldrons are prepared according to ancestral rituals with different sacred plants and prayers and offerings are made to invoke the spirits.

Learn about the different paths of the deity Lucero:

In the following table we show some of the qualities that define Lucero's avatars, and in it we have placed the Mayombe deity that can intervene and the orisha with whom it is related in the Yoruba religion, only for information, since they are different deities.

  • E.g., Madre de Agua is a deity of the Regla del Palo, usually related to the orisha Yemayá of the Yoruba pantheon.

The 21 paths and their characteristics:

No.ItineraryFeaturesIntervening deityOrisha
1Lucero pitilangaIt is a signature with which evil is called asking it to be subordinate, this signature is for Good Friday nights. He owns the shores of the sea.

Mother of WaterYemaya
2Lucero Dawn:  It is a signature that is used for invocations. Live near the moon.  

Ngonda nkisi 
3Lucero Vira World:This firm breaks sorcery and witchcraft. Lives at the gates of Munanfinda (field)Twinkle Ndoki.  Oyá Change
4Dark Mount Lucero:This firm is very effective in waging strong and dangerous wars. Lives in the trails.

Ngurufinda (works with any foundation) and SarabandaSarabanda is Oggún
5Lucero Looking for Buya:With this signature the police are kept away. Lives in police stations.

Cape Rondaoshosi
6New World Lucero:This signature serves to get you out of prison. He is the one who lives in prisons, for that reason he is related to justice.

Cape Rondaoshosi
7Lucero Breaks Mount:  Giving a snake to this firm drives that person to whom the job is being done to madness. He lives on the roofs of homes with other entities and is the only one who eats on a consecrated tile.  Seven Rays and Earth TremblesShango and Obbatalá
8Lucero Sabi Kunanguasa:  To this firm, giving him a black hen on the banks of the river, he grants any wish. He lives on the bank of the river.    Chola Wengue / Mama CholaOshun
9Lucero Tala Afternoon:  This firm is to offer along with the accompanying ngangaañaday of the chamba drink and nine types of herbs. He lives in the hospitals and owns the diseases.  Kobayende  Babalu Aye
10Lucero Katilemba:  This firm is to represent Kobayende and works with Kobayende.KobayendeBabalu Aye
11Lucero Hard Hat:With this signature, health and good luck are achieved by sacrificing a chicken in a lake. Live and eat in the lagoons.  Chola Wenge  Oshun
12Lucero Malva Trunk:This firm is for the protection and defense of people or places. Live in the 4 corners.

Four winds   
13Lucero Pata Dream:  This signature is used a lot when you want to embark on a trip and make it successful. Live at the crossroads.Lucero and Sarabanda  Eleguá and Oggún
14Lucero Jaguey Grande:  This signature is for the invocation of the spirits of the forest. lives in the mountainsañas.Earth trembles  Obatala
15Lucero Kabankiriyo:  This signature is used when it is necessary to attack enemies. Live in darkness.

Lugambé and Nkuyo 
16Lucero Seven Doors:Signature required on cemetery gates and works with spirits. Live in the dark.CentellaOyá Ndoki
17Lucero Wins War:This firm wins any battle. Live in problems.Seven Rays, Sarabanda and Strong Arm  Shango, Oggún and Aggayú
18Prime Lucero:  He is the owner of twilight.Bright star Elegua
19Lucero Endaya:It is a signature made with yellow chalk and serves as a protection for the home. He is the owner of the depths.Mother of Water  Yemaya
20Lucero Kunambembe:He is the owner of the good and the bad.  Nkuyo and Chamalongo  
21Lucero Approves Strength:  This signature must be drawn before invoking Zarabanda. Lives on the railroad tracks.SarabandOggun

These fundamentals of Lucero must be received as a ngueyo, but sometimes qualifications are made to save a person.

You can also receive Luceritos that are safeguards and to make them the paths of Lucero are taken into account.

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