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The Feminine Paths of Obatalá Did you know that the Orisha is not only male?

Roads of Obatalá woman

ObatalaThe Orisha protector of all heads has been identified in the Santeria Rule as a distinctly masculine deity, a fact that tends to mislead religious people who are unaware of Yoruba history.

Do you know the roads of Obatalá represented as a woman?

Roads of Obatala for women

Next, I show you some of the avatars where Baba represented himself as a woman and knew how to combat with equal justice and righteousness the evil actions of humans and his Orishas brothers.


It is the purest avatar of Obatala, in this the deity is identified with a feminine aspect, it is believed that its existence is a divine gift from the sea, who created it great and imposing.


This is the most popular female path of the white Orisha, Orisnala or Oshanlá it is identified with the image of an old woman sitting on her chair weaving the destiny of human beings. She is a saint who does not tolerate noise or disrespect.


It is a female avatar of Obatalá, where the saint exercised great protection over the orphaned children she welcomed into her home, offering them love, protection, shelter and food.


This path is little known, it is believed that it embodies the woman who awaits the arrival of the ships from the coast.

In this avatar the patience and serenity of the human being is expressed.


In this life Obatala was a woman, this deity is related to notices and advertisements.

This path has a special relationship with silver, because in this avatar it was where the deity took possession as ruler of this precious metal.


It is the incarnation of Baba who does justice to the beauty of the woman. It is characterized by living in deserts, a place from where it exercises its dominion over the destiny of human beings.


Female deity, identifies with the light that comes from the sun, wears a crown adorned with solar rays.

This saint is invoked when it is desired that the hidden truths are discovered.


It represents the Oracle of Obatala, it reflects the future of the human species guided by its own actions, it protects the secrets of the past and the present.


Mother of all Obatalases, she is a holy protector and therefore maternalistic. It is syncretized in the Christian Religion with the Sacred Conception. This deity is identified with the work instruments used by sailors.


This deity is adorned with parrot feathers of many colors, because in the parrot is the power of this saint, she is attributed in turn with the possession of a large number of shells and seashells that live around her tureen.

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