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Do you know which are the most unknown paths of the Orisha Obatala?

Roads of Obatalá

The avatars of the Orisha Obatala that I show you below are the most controversial paths of the deity, of these little is known in Osha, it is believed that they keep secrets only known by Olodumare himself.

Roads of Obatalá:

Unknown roads of Obatalá


Through this representation human thought materializes.

It is the avatar where Olodumare's ability to observe through the eyes of Obatalá everything that happened on earth was born and from there take justice.


He is a very powerful deity, who lives hidden and in silence, which should not be disturbed in vain.

It is believed that he does not like to be seen by others so he hides in the sea, his mysteries and physical appearance are secrets that no one knows.


He is the saint in charge of promoting oratorical skills, blessing his children with the virtue of oral expression.

He likes to live in peace and harmony, in environments where he enjoys tranquility and affection.


It is the Obatala represented by means of illumination, for this reason next to its representation an oil lamp must be placed so that this wick illuminates the deity permanently.


It is the patron of the souls of the deceased. Its secrets are carried by the beetles who are its most faithful messengers.

It is positioned at the head of human beings when they are close to dying.


This avatar represents one of the darkest passages in Obatalá's life when, as a result of the osogbos of his own head, he indulged in the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.


It is the identity of Baba that is twinned with the delicate art of pottery, this deity is recognized as the protector of potters and artisans.


He is the Obatala who rides a tiger and fights with a sword in hand, bravely challenging his enemies.


Representation of the Orisha who owns all the heads that the rainbow guards.

He is a warrior and is distinguished from the rest of the troop by carrying weapons fused with silver.


It is through this path that Ochalufón taught man the gift of speech, since no voices were heard on earth until the moment of his arrival.

Ana Suare:

Immortalize combat weapons and the sufferings of soldiers on the battlefield.


It represents the gunpowder and the warlike senses that are hidden in the heart of Obatalá, this being one of its best kept secrets.


He is the holy messenger. He represents fidelity, which makes him an extremely great and wise Orisha.

Hey lade:

He is a hunter for which the animal trophies typical of this trade are attributed. Its receptacle is adorned with ivory and silver.

Bibi Nike:

It is the Obatala who is represented in the figure of a strong cyclops.

Oyu Alueko:

Among the virtues of Oyu Alueko are the virtues of divination. This saint is immersed in a perennial meditation.


It is the path of Osha where Obatalá was crowned king. In this avatar the saint is described as a man dressed in lead.

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