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Orishaoko and her powerful paths or personalities Deity of the earth!

Paths of Orisha Oko

One of the Orishas of the Yoruba religion is Orisha Oko which comes from a town west of Oyó called Saki.

He is the owner and lord of the land, agriculture, crops, who protects crops, and offers solidity to life because he provides us with the means of sustenance, providing the food of our diet.

Qualities that define Orishaoko in the Yoruba pantheon:

  • Orisha Oko is the son of Obatala and Yemú (way of Yemaya) and usually lives on rooftops.
  • This Orisha is closely related to Oggún the owner of iron and with Olokún the owner of the depths of the ocean, also forms a trilogy with Oke and Oggue.
  • He is regarded as the mediator of the fights between women and also mediates as a judge in the disputes of the Orishas.
  • Orisha Oko is a tireless worker and keeps many secrets, her testicles hang to the floor for her firm virginity.
  • Orisha Oko's messengers are bees and they mean bonanza and reproduction, so many women come to their protection when they cannot conceive children.
  • This Orisha is the one who receives the corpses that are given to him by Yewá the warrior of the cemetery and that are sent by Oyá through Babalú Aye.

Different paths of Orisha Oko:

The paths of the orishas They are those avatars or facets through which the deities provide protection to man, in them they acquire various characteristics and are usually related to different stories and patakíes.


Among the roads of Orisha Oko, in this one he is described as a very dictatorial king who fell ill with leprosy and had to go to the mountain, which is where Osain the healer with its power heals him.

After that, he never became king again and became a farmer.


This one has a nocturnal and very spiritual appearance that is actually the representation of death. It represents the nocturnal and spiritual aspect that is nothing more than a mask and is called Iwi.

Kori Koto is a very old Orisha and the costume he wears is called Iku Afefé Oroggodo, which is represented by eight different colored snails.

  • Kori Koto's snails are spiral shaped like curls and are called Kerikete.


This Orisha Oko is a flute player and wears a tile that is consecrated before painting.


She is an Orisha sister of Añagui and was Orunmila's wife in the Oddun Otura Meyi.

Aina means candle, is a family of the Ibeyis twins and was born with his umbilical cord tangled around his neck. She's daughter of Aye Shaluga and Olofin, in aará it is called Anabí.


This Orisha is the son of Kori-Koto and Earth King Egwado, he is a spirit that strengthens the body of men and nature.


It is represented by a doll that has a load of plowed land, the head of Egun (dead), the bone of agricultural animals, and Ashé (also translated as luck, good energy).


It is the same as Orisha Oko for the Araras of Dahomey.

He is a generous man who can turn into a panther at night, his greeting is Agasu Jala Dana and lives in Dahomey's Mono River.

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