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the paths of Oyá Yansa the Queen of the Spark and its meaning

paths of Oyá yansa

Oyá She is the Lady of the spark, of the whirlpool, of the rainbow and of the dead. She is the air, the breeze, the storm, the one that sustains life and protects us from death, because she lives in the dark giving balance to both worlds.

Yansa, as it is also called, is the orisha that provides us with oxygen to keep us alive and healthy. She favors storms, strong winds, sparks and calm. She is a goddess of strong temperament, to whom great respect must be shown, to prevent her fury from causing immense devastation on earth.

An impetuous warrior, she represents the violence of nature and the tireless struggle. But also the end of life and the earthly path.

She lives at the door of the cemeteries, is a watchman and protector of spirits, represents the intensity of gloomy feelings, the world of the dead and the silence of the catacombs.

He searches for the souls of the dead and communicates with the spirits of the deceased or Eggun. And it is that she is included in the trilogy with Obba and Yewá, and together she is known as the Muerteras Goddesses, those related to the secrets of death and with the treatment of the Eggunes. They habitaThey are in cemeteries and have power over spirits.

The Lady of the Cemetery Oyá and its Roads

The roads of Oyá yansa, Lady of the sacred cemetery, represent the paths that can be taken in the Osha and that will allow through them to obtain the highest degree of spiritual, emotional and material benefit.

Each one is associated with different characteristics, qualities, and stories of the goddess.

  • Next, we describe the names and characteristics of each path of Oyá:
No. ItineraryMeaning
1Oyá Yansá Bí Funkó.  This is one of the most powerful paths of the Goddess of Spark, Oyábecause you always get what you want. She is strict with her children and punishes her enemies with suffocation and terrorizes them from behind. She always goes in the company of Eggun. She is very powerful and gets whatever she puts her mind to. She is invoked fundamentally when you want to resolve situations related to couples, extramarital relationships, for better or for worse. Her offerings are made in park fountains where the desired couple is found, or in the bush where a stream is found. Oyá Yansá Bí Funkó says: fire to the man who left you, fire, fire, fire.
2Oyá Dumi.  This is also an extremely powerful path of Oyá. In it, the god of thunder Shangó gave him his até (Ifá board), and passed on wisdom, clairvoyance and great magic for all eternity. Therefore, his daughters on earth will have a very good predisposition for the Rule of Osha. Oyá Dumí is not only related to Shangó, but also to the one who opens the paths, Elegguá and the healer Babalu Ayé and knows the secrets of Ifá. On this path the ebbo is usually done in the consulting room in order to increase one's ability in the art of divination. He is born in the Obbara Melli oddu.
3Oyá Of.  En Oyá From, the Goddess of the Centella is a warrior and hunter, she works in the fields and mountains near the rivers, she is prayed for good harvests and material prosperity.
4Oyá Boomi.  En Oyá Bumi the qualities and natural forces of the goddess are present Oyá. It is she who lives in the deep wells of the rivers and lagoons, and in them causes the eddies of wind on the water. That is why many of those who cross the flooded rivers and canals pray to him for comfort and protection.
5Oyá Bomi.  Oyá Bomi is the one who was born in the waters, she works in the rivers and on the shores of the seas. She is related to her sisters Yemayá, goddess of the seas and Oshún, goddess of love and rivers.
6Oyá Nira.  On this path the goddess of the winds was queen in the city of Ira. In nature it is associated with river flooding, mud and rain. Her husband is Oggún Onirá and they are both warriors who belong to the lineage of the "Orishas of Water."
7Oyá Igbale.  On this way Oyá She is the queen of the graveyard. She represents the imposition above all things, for the purposes of the Yoruba religion. Together with Obaluaiye she guards the border between the world of the dead and men, for her devotees her name is used in order to shape cemeteries and the cult of Eggun.
8Oyá Nike.  On this path of Oyá Nike, the deity is the one who works on the hills, mountañas and quarries. She shows her qualities as a goddess, in this way she has dealings with the Egguns and by order of Olofi, she guides them through the spiritual path. She dominates the winds from the top and carries an irunké, a leather fan and a guampa.
9Oyá Tola.  This is the path of wealth and material prosperity of Oyá. People say that Oyá Tolá can bring honor and riches, through ceremonies where gold bracelets, jewels, and pearls are placed on him. Therefore he attracts much attention from Yoruba devotees.
10Oyá Will tell.  This path represents the violence of a warrior woman who incites envy, jealousy and fights. She is Eshu's partner and is characterized as a violent warrior who is always ready to fight. This Orisha participates in revenge spells of the followers of Oyá.
11Oyá Funke.  Goddess of winds and storms and dominates them at will. It is the path of change, it transforms the things through which it passes, leaving indelible marks. Their offerings are made in very high places.
12Oyá Iya Efon.  On this way Oyá she is a warrior, the buffalo mother, and represents a beast, strength and insubordination. She symbolizes the immense power of the winds turned into storms, for many she is a kind of anger that can solve certain situations.
13Oyá affect.  This is the path of the wind that beats according to its whim. It is interpreted as the path to all directions, as the goddess dominates it and rides on it. For the devotees it represents the breadth and the way to open the thoughts to seek the understanding of things.
14Oyá Yansa Mimu.  She is the protagonist of the patakí that confronts Shangó with Oggún. In the story the god of thunder stole her from the side of Oggún, her husband. Therefore, she became a warrior and fights alongside Shango. Has a great disposition for battle and seeks fights. His main weapon is a double-edged sword in the form of a lightning bolt.
15Oyá Obinidodo.  On this way Oyá She is a warrior by birth and has strong values ​​about bravery and honor. She is ruthless when it comes to applying order and justice. She was born in the city of Oyo. She is also queen of the dead and guides her souls to Babalú Ayé. It is one of the best known paths of the goddess Oyá in the Rule of Ocha and that lives in the door of the cemetery.
16Oyá Yansa Duma.  Oyá Yansa Duma is the one who rules over the plains and forests and is said to be a hermaphrodite, as she has both male and female characteristics. It is associated with Oke and Ossain because of the proximity to the plants. They say that hers is the horse and that she was queen of Koso.
17Oyá Yansa Doco.  On this path the great Oyá control the winds and form tornadoes and storms with his impetuous character. It is said that it was she who adorned Olofin's palace and turned it into a natural paradise of gardens and pure vegetation.
18Oyá Tombowa.  On this path, the goddess of storms is the owner of the dance and who comes down to take steps of lightning and tornadoes. She dances with the force of the strong wind and moves like a storm. The egguns fear and respect her as the guiding goddess who always walks alongside Elegguá and her sister Dumi.
19Oyá Ayawa.  On this way Oyá She is a wise and very powerful old woman with the gifts of divination and clairvoyance. She is a hermaphrodite and exhibits feminine and masculine qualities. She is skilled in witchcraft and magic and can get anything she wants just by trying.
20Oyá Top.  This path of Oyá comes from Takua and is the wife of Oggun, who comes from the territory of Oyo. She tells the story that her daughters have the faces of witches and that Oyá he can work magic for benevolent or malevolent purposes, depending on how he is invoked. She was consecrated by Orunmila himself, so that she would learn to use the art of divination.
21Oyá Tomboro.  Old and wise woman, who came down from the mountainaña Ewe. He has great knowledge of plants and vegetation in general and dedicates himself to healing and making remedies together with Ossain, Orisha of plants and nature. They say that she makes the best omieros and that she is also highly respected by the eggunes. All offerings to her should be placed near animal skeletons on a mound.aña or in a wooded area. A jug of brandy is put on it and a toast is made for which I always accompany it.aña, Eshu Aroni.
22Oyá Yansa Odo.  On this way Oyá he does not show his face, but covers it with what Babalú Ayé gave him. And it is that according to the patakí, she is the older sister of the Orisha Obba and burned her face trying to save her from a fire, so she never shows her marks. She was a wise and strong warrior and a very good sorceress. But ever since she burned her face she only works with wizardry for bad. That is why it is said that she should not be inside the house. But close to her. She is a guide and friend to the eggunes with whom she walks in the dark.
23Oyá Yansa Oriri.  She is the wisest and most intelligent in the Rule of Ocha. She was born in Oddu Obbara. She is Shangó's wife and she is very jealous and will do anything to please him. She lives in the cemetery and there her children bring her the offerings that she takes and thanks. They also bury her requests there. It is said that the children of Oyá Oriri are great figures in the business world.  

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