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Do you know these 4 Beautiful Paths of the Orisha Oyá Yansa?

paths of Oyá

Many are the lives of Queen Lucumí Oyá yansa, each of these comes to leave us a teaching of life and a propitious advice to overcome adversity.

The same ones that sometimes the destiny unexpectedly provides, which at times leaves us no other way out than to dress with patience and face with resignation and intelligence the tests that Olodumare want to send us.  

4 of the mighty ways of Oyá what you should know:

Iruke's Oyá

Oyá Nike, the Orisha that accompaniesaña to Obatala.

Oyá Nike learned the secrets of the magic that takes place in the hills at the hands of Obatalá, the deity that rules over all heads.

This saint was such a good apprentice to the white Orisha that she stopped being his disciple to become his confidant and inseparable companion.

Nike had such a strong connection with the astral world that he spontaneously created alliances of gratitude with the spirits he helped, these powers becoming more noticeable at nightfall.  

Oyá Tolá, the African queen of iré.

Son of Oyá

This is the avatar of Oyá most prosperous there isDuring her passage through the earthly world, the deity was born in a golden cradle, she had many luxuries and riches within her reach, but she did not appreciate any as much as the good fortune with which the wise Olodumare rewarded her.

The same luck that led her on the right path her entire life, permanently isolating her from making bad decisions.

During the celebration of their ceremonies the santeras must put on jewels pierced in gold, pearls and precious stones before making their call, only then will the saint attend the prayer and bless the ritual with iré.

Oyá Dira, the deity of great temperament.

Dance of Oyá

Dira represents in Osha a woman of great temperament, willful and authoritative.

She likes war and possesses impeccable victorious qualities, she is capable of skillfully handling any combat weapon, although the sword is the instrument she prefers when embarking on the march to the battlefield.

She is the saint who justly takes revenge for impure acts that denigrate the integrity of the human race, applying severe punishments to their executors.

She is famous for having extensive knowledge of white magic and black magic.   

Oyá Funké, the owner of the wheel of fortune.

Costume Oyá

Oyá Funké is the goddess of storms and of the impulsive and impetuous character of the aerial nature.

Its presence is associated with the great changes that take place during life, which is why it was nicknamed the owner of the wheel of fortune.

For this deity to welcome the offerings that are placed on it, they must be deposited in high places above ground level.

Meet other paths and avatars of the Warrior Oyá:

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