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Did you know these 7 Mighty Avatars of Shango, the King of Kings?

Paths of Shango

Shango It is the Yoruba representation of music and dance, it is the patron saint of women and the Orisha who owns the Batá drums.

As he passed through the earth, he found himself indistinctly represented in numerous avatars, in which he fulfilled certain orders of Olodumare.

7 Paths of the great Orisha Shango and their meaning:

The story of his life is told in the Yoruba temple in order to provide advice to the religious so that they do not make mistakes or faults.

1. Afonjá leader:

He is the Orisha who owns the city of Ilorin, his name means "Leader of the army of the empire".

It is the saint who represents betrayal and the fragility of ideals, which can become variable in people who have been victims of great disappointments.

 2. Oba Kosso The King Not Hanged:

It is the name under which Shangó the king of Oyó is identified, his name in Yoruba translates as the King Not Hanged.

The pataki relates that after being ambushed by the enemy the king flees and the false news is spread that because of his disgrace he had taken his own life.

3. Oba Lube the Lord Supplied:

This is one of the paths of Kawó Silé where you can appreciate all his power and wealth, his name can be translated as Lord Abastado.

In this avatar, Shango distributes his wealth to the poor, an act for which he is rewarded.

4. Obá Irù or Barù, the treasurer of the secrets of the spirits:

In this life of Shango, the deity creates the cult of Egungun through his person, acquiring all the secrets of the spirit world, which he uses for the benefit of his protégés.

5. Obá Ajakà, King twice:

In Yoruba Obá Ajakà translates as "The father chose me."

In this way, Shango is represented as the oldest son of Oranian, a fact that makes him successor to his father's throne, crowning himself as king twice, the first time by Osha and the second by inheritance.

6. Obá Aganju, the explosive:

This is the facet of Kawó Silé where the Orisha represents everything that is explosive, that has no control, he is the representation of Volcanoes, gunpowder and firearms.

It is believed that it was in this avatar that the minefields in the art of war were born.

7. Oba Jakuta the vigilante:

In this way, Shangó becomes the owner of justice and the wrath of Olorun, coming to act in consequence of this and of the mandate of the deity itself in the fulfillment of his missions on earth.

Rituals dedicated to the King of Kings Shango:

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