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The paths of the Orisha Yemayá and its characteristics

Yemayá roads

The paths of each Orisha represent their facets of life, where their personality and qualities change, and they are also the different situations in which the deity can help us in the development of our existence.

The elders say that the more progress is made in religion, the more paths of the Orishas can be known, because wisdom and spiritual growth are acquired.  

De YemayaMother of the World, 26 paths are known. She is one of the greatest deities of the Yoruba pantheon, since all things on this Earth are born from her power and life is born.

Her name means IYA MO ELLA which translates as Mother of Fishes and it is said that she was born with the moon, as Obatala was born with the sun.

When the ways of Yemayá are known, it is known what tools it carries to fight each battle, as well as its elements and attributes of power. Each Yemayá has a different interpretation, of some very little is known in religion, being part of the great Yoruba secrets and mysteries.

Roads and facets of the Owner of the sea: Yemayá

Next, we show the names and characteristics of the different paths of the goddess of the seas:

Yemayá roadsMeaning and main characteristics
1Yemaya AwoyoExpansion and wealth in full. It is the oldest and the richest of the Yemayá.
2Yemayá AkuaraThe Yemayá curandera, the one with the two waters, the sweet and the salty. He is cheerful and a lover of dances.
3Yemaya Ibu Elowo  Owner of the fortune of the ocean floor.
4Yemaya Akere  It lives in the deepest parts of the Ocean.
5Yemaya Ibu KonlaThe Yemayá that lives in the foam of the propellers of the ships. He is a poet and gets tangled up in flax and seaweed.
6Yemayá Yemú or YembóThis is the Yemayá road that the calm sea grants. It is reflected as Oduduwa female and here the true crown of Yemayá is born.
7Yemayá Ibu Nodo  The Yemayá that is mounted on a snail. It lives in the rivers and eats quail.
8Yemaya OkuteShe is Olokun's goalkeeper. Severe and spiteful, does not tolerate wrong actions.
9Yemaya Ibu OkotoIt is the Yemayá of the sea shells.
10Yemayá Ibu Iña  The warrior, the one who loves to be in wars and disputes.
11Yemaya Ibu Akinomi  This is the Yemayá that lives on the crests of the waves.
12Yemaya Ibu Alaro  The unique and powerful owner of death and life. The Queen of the Ocean.
13Yemayá Atarawá or Ataremawa  This path is linked to the treasures of the sea. He lives in a tureen on a chest and always wears white.
14Yemaya Mayaleo Mayelewo  This is the Yemayá that will help you when you go through financial difficulties, especially money.
15Yemaya Ashabá or Ayabá  It is the most respected path in Yemayá, known as the little mermaid. She is wise, willful, and even dangerous. Their moorings are never untied. It represents a woman of faith.
16Yemaya AsesuThe messenger of Olokun. She is very powerful and she was the one who broke all ties with the earth. She is the queen of ducks, geese and swans.
17Yemaya Ibu OleyoQueen of tragedy and arguments. Arrogant and brave.
18Yemayá GoldThe siren that sings. Live with the eggunes and awakens the spirits.
19Yemaya Ibu GunleLa Yemayá de la Orilla del Mar. It lives on reef stones and sea sand and shells are placed on it.
20Yemaya Ibu AganaThe furious or the crazy. Wife Orisha oko the god of crops.
21Yemaya Oggun AyipoHe lives both in the river and in the sea and fights alongside Oggun the owner of the mountain.
22Yemaya Oggun AsomiHabita on the surface of the sea and fights alongside Oggun and Shango the king of fire.
23yemaya yamaseIn this way she is the mother of Shango. He lives in a jar and makes a crown of snails.
24Yemaya YabaniLive in the tornadoes and eddies of the sea.
25Yemaya Ibu TrinibuThe one that lives in the shells and presides over the battles.
26Yemaya Lokun NipaThe one with the strength of the sea.

Author: Claudia Rodríguez

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