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Zarabanda and its 21 Roads: The warrior spirit in Palo Mayombe

Roads of Zarabanda

With the permission of the elders, I will tell you a little about this sacred topic.

El Palo Monte is originally from the Bantu people, which are known as congos and come from a very large region of southeast Africa.

As a result of the adoption of other cultural forms of Bantu beliefs, the Rule of Palo Monte originated, which also gave rise to different ethnic groups that underwent transformations.

Thus these varied groups arrived in America where other slopes were born apart from the Palo Mayombe or Palo Monte, such as the Briyumba, the Kimbisa and the Malongo.

Palo Monte's orders focus on the Nganga (foundation) which is a container where various religious elements are located, from a spirit to sticks, plants, and so on.

Each of these foundations has its own names and peculiarities, dates, ceremonies and songs.

His higher God is NzambiIt is who creates the Universe, and also within the hierarchy there are the magical powers (Mpungos) and the Nfuiris (dead).

The mpungos are forces that the Supreme Being he uses to carry out his tasks and establish communication with men through his mpung horses (men or women who ride).

Within the Mpungos we find the deity Zarabanda:

Zarabanda symbolizes metals and is the goalkeeper of the mountain, has great speed and strength in the tasks that are commanded to do.

  • He never leaves something entrusted without finishing, he has a great warrior spirit and dominates the railroads.
  • His deity represents the mysterious, the war, and the serpent.
  • He is the absolute lord and owner of revenge, the energy of work and blood, also known for black dog head.
  • Within the Rule Conga Zarabanda is respected, feared and venerated by all.

It is syncretized with Oggún, the orisha of the Yoruba pantheon that represents iron, because their characteristics are very similar.

The deity Zarabanda has 21 paths

The paths of Zarabanda represent his warrior facets. In each of his avatars there is a secret and a ritual, and these are:

1. Zarabanda Seven Packs:

This is the owner of the stars. The stars are secrets that reinforce the garment (Nganga).

2. Zarabanda Win Battle:

Among the roads of Zarabanda this is the owner of wars and battles.

3. Zarabanda Abraca World:

He always eats on the firm mountain.

4. Zarabanda Sun Sun Vira Vira:

This always eats at the foot of a palm.

5. Zarabanda Gierve Gierve:

This eats Iechuza and bull, and is also the only one who eats jicotea (turtle).

6. Zarabanda Ndoki Yaya:

He is the owner and lord of the fortifications.

7. Zarabanda Executioner Enfinda:

This usually eats dog, but black.

8. Zarabanda Saca Pawn:

It eats in places where there are swamps.

9. Zarabanda Premañongo:

It is the doorman who guards the door to the mountain.

10. Short Zarabanda Lima:

She is a good Nganga or Candango and lives in the sugar mills.

11. Zarabanda Vititi Kongo:

Owner of the Mpaka Menso (Secret).

  • Vititi It means to see, to look, and it is also known as Menso or Mensu (eyes).

12. Zarabanda Engo La Finda:

This usually eats in one of the four corners of the cemetery.

13. Zarabanda Eyebrow Mount:

this habita in one of the corners of the 7 doors of the mount.

14. Zarabanda Seven League:

It is the deity that eats on the shore of the lagoon.

15 Zarabanda Cherry Candle:

It eats in houses that are in ruins or destroyed.

16. Zarabanda Dreamfoot:

He usually always eats in dark places.

17. Zarabanda Seeks World:

It is the Zarabanda that mainly protects the sick who suffer from blood.

18. Zarabanda Seven Hills:

this habita in the thorn trees.

19. Zarabanda Seven Doors:

This cat eats in the ceiba tree.

20. Zarabanda Lebankite:

Deity that eats deer, barcino (tabby cat) and pig or pig at midnight.

21. Zarabanda Insunso Carire:

He eats when the women are not present.

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