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Do you know these 11 Paths of Obbá Nani and their meaning? Their avatars

Obbá Nani roads

Obbá Nani is an Orisha very powerful daughter of Oduduwa and Yembó or Yemú (way of Yemayá) in the Yoruba Pantheon.

This deity of so many powers has to do with everything that exists in the world, in her hands she holds the keys that opens the way for development and everything that we propose in life.

As a warrior orisha, it was Obbá Nani who instructed all the Orishas in the art of war.

It is narrated in some patakies or Yoruba legends that she was betrayed by Oyá Giving him the advice to cut off his ear and offer it to Shangó in his food, he ultimately rejects it and leaves with Oyá Yanza.

Others say that it was Oshún who betrayed her, in any case, it is true that as a result of this deception Obbá Nani withdrew from life with great sadness, he never forgives infidelities and less of men. 

In the Rule of Osha Ifá or Santeria Obbá Nani consecrates himself through Oshún, but Obbá speaks through his mouth.

Before the ceremony that the Iyawó (religious initiate) performs in the river, he must first visit the Ilé Ikú, that is, the cemetery where Obba lives, since it was there that he retired when he asked Olofin to take her away from the sight of everybody.

Already in the Ilé Ikú the Iyawó strips his body giving a tour of the entire cemetery.

Your tools and the meaning they have

  • A ship's rudder and compass to guide us on the safe and correct path,
  • an anvil because it is forged in the hardness of work,
  • a mask as it shows death that is the other face after life,
  • a writing pen or a book for his wisdom,
  • a sword because it is a warrior,
  • an ear always remembering the betrayal,
  • the keys symbolize happiness and good luck.

Obbá's tureen is flowered with a pink or pink background only, it is also adorned with gold.

Powerful Paths of the Orisha Yoruba Obbá Nani

The paths of Obbá Nani are many and each one has different characteristics. We present some of them.

1. Obba Ladde

It is an Obbá crowned as queen. He works on the banks of rivers and on the shores of the sea with stones.

2. Obba Look

His blessings come through the water. He carries a machete and a shield.

3. Obba Lubbe

She is identified as an insurmountable warrior with an aggressive character and defends herself with blades, she also knows a lot about spells.

It is called to remove witchcraft from bondage by submission in matters of love relationships.

Works with:

  • A witch's broom,
  • a mortar and
  • a magic wand.

A five-pointed star is drawn on its handle.

4. Obba Tola

Belonging to the top of the palace nobility, therefore it has many riches.

5. Obba Tunde

He warns his children of dangers and gives them advice after arriving from their travels in the kingdom.

6. Obba Omi

Habita on the banks of rivers and also in coastal areas covered with foliage and lots of vegetation.

7. Obba Yuru

This is the pataki where, out of love for Shango, his ear is cut off for him. 

In this way, Obbá Nani receives, in exchange for the betrayal, the lack of love and the sacrifice of retiring to life alone.

8. Obba Labbí (Labbí Iku)

The mayomberos tend to work a lot with her, causing many fights and conflicts with the other Orishas.

He works almost always to do evil, he has many paths.

  • His tool of choice is a double-edged razor.

9. Obba Guirielu

Among the Paths of Obbá Nani this one lives on a stone above the lake.

It is said that she lives there because one day she prepared an Ebbó for Shango and when she went to Lake Olossá to throw it away, at that moment a strong wind caused the Ebbó to turn on top of her and a large stone remained.

Many say that the cries can still be heard and that is where they put the Addimú (offering) that are given to the orisha to strengthen and make unions.

10. Obba Omiota

Habita in the water currents of the rivers located in mountainous areas and that fall with a strident noise, as well as the very high waterfalls.

It is said that she does so by blaming Oshún for having cut off her ear.

When something is offered to him for reasons of infidelity, it is usually presented in those areas and with a stick made of wicker the stones and the waters of the river are whipped so that the request is granted quickly and safely.

11. Obba Nupe

This deity is of Nupe origin, who are ethnic groups from central Nigeria.

Other little known paths or vicissitudes of Obbá Nani:

  • Obba Bomi
  • Obba De
  • Obba Nike
  • Obba Laiyé
  • Obba Yeyé
  • Obba Lasé
  • Obba Beremi
  • Obba Suaré
  • Obba Talade
  • Obba Labaiyé
  • Obba Olomi
  • Obba Suemi
  • Obba Bi
  • Obba Biolomi
  • Obba Funmi
  • Obba Jare
  • Obba Odey
  • Obba Funke
  • Obba Tunese

Short prayer to Obbá Nani:

Obba Si Eleko Eni Obba Ofe Re Lekun Fe Enu Lafinda Farawa Obba Obi Arin Nina Oju.

We share other prayers and rituals on behalf of Obba:

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