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3 Powerful Lives of the Goddess Oyá Yansa: "Bomi, Nira and Igbale"

Roads Oyá

The patron saint of the Eggunes She is an Orisha of great intelligence, Yansa did not come down to earth to wage war as many believe but to exterminate it.

This saint maintains the strong conviction that fighting for the realization of dreams and for the respect of one's own rights are the two great ways to succeed in life.

3 of the beautiful paths of Oyá:

Bomi, Nira and Igbalé They represent three of the lives of this saint, where water, clay and destiny shape surprises predestined to magnify the human race or leave in it the mark of great lessons.

Yansa Bomi, the Oyá who was born in the water

Dance of Oyá

By this path Yansa was born in the waters, so it is necessary añaPour a little of this precious liquid into its receptacle, although it is not necessary for the water to exceed the otá (stones).

Oyá Bomi performs her pacts and sorceries on the banks of rivers and seas, places where she can better channel her energy, so her ceremonies in these places have an important value overañadido, relating in a certain way his magic with his two sisters Oshun y Yemaya.

Oyá Nira, the queen of the land of Ira

Characteristics Oyá

The spark deity named Oyá Nira She was queen of the land of Wrath, where she ruled with intelligence and mercy for many years. 

This avatar of Yansa is usually associated with the arrival of the rain, as the water from the sky is a source of life and wealth for the human being.

Its name is closely linked with clay and with the molding process that it undergoes to give rise to great creations.

The queen married the deity Oggún Onirá, a saint who, like her, knew the secret of the energy coming from the water. 

Oyá Igbalé, the lady of the cemetery

Cemetery Oyá

the orisha Oyá Igbale is the deity owner and mistress of the cemetery, represents the ascent of souls to the world of the dead.

Igbalé is related to the power of imposition, a fact that many times cuts doubt at its roots and leads the traveler to happy destinations

The voice of this deity is heard and respected in the Yoruba world, as the saint defends the nobility of truth above all things.

This Orisha is in charge of protecting the delicate veil that separates life from death.

Through the cult of his name, homage is paid to the legion of Eggunes who rest inside the holy fields.

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