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Afro-Cuban songs in homage to Oshún "the Orisha of Love"

Songs for Oshún

My mother

Miraculous Virgin you are

Copper Charity

Afro-Cuban music has been a star in the island's identity songwriting and therefore has developed incredible characteristics and has adapted to current times, always showing a powerful mix of emotions, languages ​​and rhythms, and leading it to different musical expressions.

Weighting the African beliefs and the members of the Yoruba pantheon are characteristics of Afro-Cuban music and also the rhythmic and melodic power of the music that now fills the best Cuban musical pieces and the most recognized worldwide, a symbol of a unique identity.

Normally, in Cuban songs of all genres, and we are even talking about the most modern ones such as pop or salsa, the drumbeats of the Lucumí liturgical ceremonies are present, and the añadiduras of rhythms of congas or ñañigas. And so, the musical rhythm of Afro-Cuban compositions has won over the public.

On this, the renowned anthropologist Fernando Ortiz, affirmed in his research that the African components played from the beginning, a leading role in the formation of Cuban national music.

Songs and blessings of Oshún and the Copper Charity "Cachita"

Ochún copper charity day
Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre and Orisha Ochún

And many of the most renowned Cuban singers have added to their musical compositions, the ode to the Orishas, ​​the protectors of the Cuban people, those who, syncretized with saints of the Catholic cult, are the great representatives of the struggle and the strength of the islanders. .

Y a Oshun and to the Charity of Copper, united in the same cult, representative deities of love and patrons of this Island, many have sung to him, as a way of showing their devotion and affection, and also asking for his blessings.

In fact, the Oshún cult itself includes songs in lucumí of invocation to the goddess.

But there are also dozens of songs dedicated to Oshún and Caridad del Cobre, as this is how Cuban artists have found a way to show their faith and devotion at all times.

Some of the melodies are extremely famous and their interpreters tremendously recognized as representatives of a thousand-year-old culture and a unique mix of art, culture and religion.

Lazarus Reeds, honor to the Queen of the River

One of the most prominent Cuban musicians who sang to Oshún was Lázaro Ros, whose saint's name was Osha Niwe.

At the age of 13 he began to sing at the holy days and traveled constantly to Matanzas, where the most respected temples began to identify the voice of the one who has transcended as the greatest akpwon (singer) of lucumí and aará music in Cuba.

In his many international tours he recorded folk music for radio and television in Belgium, Algeria and Spain.aña, for the Chant du Monde record collection in France and the BBC in London.

And his most transcendental work is the collection of records on Yoruba songs Orisha Ayé, in which he dedicated songs to the most representative Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon.

Lázaro Ross has three Latin Grammy nominations for his albums:

  • Yemaya (1999)
  • Oshun (2001)
  • Shango (2002)

In the album dedicated to Oshún, Orisha del Amor and Dueña y Señora de los Ríos, songs chanted today by Afro-Cuban music lovers stand out, such as:

  • Mayugation to Oshún
  • Dry Gold from Tambor to Oshún
  • Prayers to Ochún

Celina, to the Charity of Copper

Celina González, the queen of Cuban knitwear, also sang to the patron saint of Cuba and asked for her eternal blessing.

The secret of her popularity in all these long years is having always been faithful to her origins and to the people who saw her born and above all live.

From a very young age, Celina González was a sympathizer of the Afro-Cuban religion Regla de Osha or Santeria.

They say that the Catholic Virgin of Santa Barbara appeared to her, the one we all know for being syncretized by the African deity and great warrior Chango, owner of fire, thunder, lightning and joyful drums, assuring her a total artistic triumph if he dedicated a song of praise to him.

Thus she decided to follow the advice of the saint associated with the Orisha Shango, and rendered devotion to the members of the Yoruba pantheon through her talent and voice all her life.

“A la Caridad del Cobre”: Celina's song lyrics

To Oshún, Celina dedicated “A la Caridad del Cobre”, an extremely famous song even today. We share the lyrics of this beautiful composition:

My mother, miraculous virgin

You are Caridad del Cobre if you walk over our beautiful nation

Holy Virgin, you are a mighty saint where the faith of the believer

Look Mother, consecrates you with dignity

As something very necessary and the Shrine that you built in the East loves you

Oh! I'm going to the mountainsañaIt's because my love here doesn't want me

As a peasant that I am, I am going to go into the mountainsañas.

Look Mother, my sweet and pretty song

It will make your name rise as the patron saint of Cuba, oh! Santísima Cachita

Good mother, you who are the favorite of the one who is singing to you

Oh my God, Ochún I keep thinking

In your blessed plans if you saved the three Juanes who were crying out for you

Oh! I'm going to the mountainsañaIt's because my love here doesn't want me.

Take by the guajiro guardrail

Come closer, compay, the guateque has already started

Let's ride the fields pretty boys

Holy word, Celina

Also my son

My mother, with real joy

Today my poor lyre wants to sing to you Virgen del Cobre, soul of my land

Good mother, the holy faith that guides me to give you a beautiful verse

Look Mother, come to your blessed altar

As my lyre rises and in the name of my Cuba, Ochún I congratulate you

Oh! I'm going to the mountainsañaIt's because my love here doesn't want me

As a peasant that I am, I am going to go into the mountainsañas.

Mercedita Valdes, songs to Mother Ochún

Merceditas Valdés had made Oshún and she was known as the Little Aché of Cuba, as Fernando Ortiz called her, for being one of the greatest exponents of Afro-Cuban music.

From a very young age he attended the processions of the Cabildo de Regla, chaired by Susana Cantero. He won first prize in the Supreme Court of Art, with the works Babalú, by Margarita Lecuona, La negra Merced, by Ernesto Lecuona, and El churrero. Drummer Jesús Pérez taught him to sing Yorubá and Palo Monte.

He acted in the film Yamba-O, directed by Indio Fernández, and in the short musical Zamba. She toured Venezuela, Colombia, Jamaica, Haiti, Canada, the United States, España, former Soviet Union.

Thus, she dedicated herself to the guaguancó, the guaracha, the proclamation, the lullaby songs and, above all, the songs of African origin, about which she herself expressed:

«The songs have their meaning and message. When I evoke… (beronia Abegbeb Oshún…), I do it slowly, slowly, because in the legend she enters with sensuality and beauty, moving a fan. »

He sang "Ochún" to the Goddess of Love and the River, one of his most significant compositions, loaded with sensuality and glamor.

Celia, devotion to the patron saint of Cuba

Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso, or Celia Cruz, was born on October 21, 1925 in the diverse working-class neighborhood of Santos Suárez in Havana and from a very young age she felt a special interest in music, showing her talent for singing and her homage to the saints.

She was soon recognized as La Reina de la Salsa y la Guarachera de Cuba, for her expressiveness in her singing and her special way of paying homage to Afro-Cuban religion and culture with her lyrics.

She made internationally popular rhythms with African roots such as son, guaguancó, rumba and guaracha as the vocalist of the popular musical ensemble La Sonora Matancera.

Celia performed extremely popular songs that reaffirmed the Cuban identity, pondering the African presence.

Lyrics of the song by Celia Cruz dedicated to Oshún and Caridad:

Perhaps one of his most recognized compositions is “Canto a la Caridad”, since Celia was a devotee of the Virgin.

Virgin of Charity, Virgin of Copper, who gives happiness to the rich and the poor

Queen of sweet waters for you goes my song

because you always shine inside my heart,

Oshún, my Oshún, I sing and dance for you,

Oshún, my Oshún, put your eyes on me.

All the saints love you for being the most flattering

Everyone prefers you for your Buyango laugh.

Oshún, my Oshún, I sing and dance for you,

Oshún, my Oshún, put your eyes on me.

Oh pretty Charity of copper, patron of my nation,

Oshún, my Oshún, I sing and dance for you,

Oh you with the Virgin of Regla, give us your blessing.  

Oshún, my Oshún, I sing and dance for you,

Oh I sing and dance, sing and dance, sing and dance for you.

Oshún, Oshún, my Oshún (chorus)

Queen of sweet waters for you goes my song (chorus)

I am very proud to sing this song.

Matamoros Trio, Veneration of Charity

The Matamoros trio was one of the most popular Cuban trova groups. Formed in 1925 by Miguel Matamoros, Rafael Cueto and Siro Rodríguez, they bequeathed in countless compositions, a unique panorama of musical genres that pondered Cuban culture in all its expression.

And it is probably good to recognize that no song to Caridad del Cobre is as famous as “Veneración”, written by Miguel Matamoros and immortalized in time.

The one that says:

"And if you go to El Cobre, I want you to bring me ...", do not continue the melody and say “(…) a little virgin of Charity ", a phrase that, despite the years, most Cubans remember.

Veneration is such a universal theme that the same is played and sung in religious celebrations and social activities, since it has become part of the representative culture of Cuba.

And if you go to Copper ... Song lyrics:

This is the lyrics of that beautiful song dedicated to the patron saint of Cuba:

When you go to the East, My legendary region

Earth that trembles hot, Cradle of the tasty are

Get to Puerto Boniato, look at the San Juan hill

Go to Caney for a while, and taste the fruits that are sweet there

(Repeat first part)

And if you go to El Cobre, I want you to bring me

A Virgin of Charity

And if you go there, where the little bit is, bring me a picture for my mom

And if you go to El Cobre, bring me a picture

May she be blessed with Charity.

And if you go to El Cobre, I want you to bring me

A Virgin of Charity.

Ay, And if you go to the East, bring me from there, something glittering of charity.

And if you go to El Cobre, I want you to bring me

A Virgin of Charity.

And if you go to Copper, look for my bold

What is my Virgin of Charity.

And if you go to El Cobre, I want you to bring me

A Virgin of Charity.

When I think of my brunette, whose name is Charity

I pray as a good soul, for all humanity

Virgin you are good, make me a miracle of love

Look, I'm dying of sorrows, if you don't mitigate the pain for me

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