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5 Songs for Yemayá ≫ Venerating the Mother and Goddess of the Seas

Songs for Yemayá

Yemaya, Mother of the world and goddess revered by millions of devotees. To her they dedicate the sound of the waves, the song of the sirens, the salt of the ocean, the blue of the seas and the thousands of offerings that come to her temple the sea.

She is the fertile womb that gave birth to men on earth and represents the uterus in any species as the source of life, fertility and motherhood. It is one of the most powerful Orishas, ​​it is in the group of the leading Oshas in the Yoruba religion.

Its natural powers are the waves of the sea, it lives on the surface of the ocean and knows the secrets of its depths. She also represents the intelligentsia, wisdom and changing characters like the sea.

It is said that when it punishes it is inflexible, it is a fortune teller par excellence, and as powerful as the wise man himself obbatala. Its name comes from the Yorùbá Yemòjá (Yeyé: mother-Omo: son- Eyá: Fish) literally means mother of fish.

In Yoruba legends, all humans are her children, since we swim in our mother's placenta for nine months before going out into the world.

Music for the Queen of the Waters

Songs of Yemayá in the sea

Yemayá is adored For devotees and non-devotees, religious, Catholics, Yoruba, in short, for all Cubans and religious around the world, their image and spirituality transmit faith, life and hope.

The islanders dedicate their most magnificent cultural expression to her, and for her they sing the lyrics with intense fervor, in a show of devotion and remembrance to the greatest queen of the seas.

Songs dedicated to the Mother of the world: Yemayá

Let's see now, several songs that have been dedicated to Yemayá:

1. Yemayá of the Abbilona Group

This folk group with Afro-Cuban roots has dedicated their songs and touches to many of the orishas of the Yoruba religion.

They invoke the great mother Yemayá with this moving melody so that she can come down to celebrate with her children.

2. Prayers to Yemayá by Lázaro Ros

Lazaro Ros, also called the elder akpwon for his contributions to the Lucumí cultural heritage and aará also sang to Yemayá with his powerful voice and unmatched genius and paid tribute to Mother Orisha throughout his career.

  • Lázaro Ros, the Mayor Akpwon of Cuba “Ocha Niwe”: Read more

3. Yoruba Andabo sings to Yemayá

This Afro-Cuban popular music group also worshiped the great queen of the waves from their music and the lyrics of their songs full of faith and love.

4. Songs for Yemayá from the National Folk Ensemble

The Conjunto Folklórico Nacional has been dedicated to bringing the music of Afro-Cuban roots all over the world.

This song is one of the most beautiful dedicated to the goddess of the seas.

5. Yemayá by Celia Cruz

This is the song that the great Celia Cruz dedicated to Yemayá, syncretized in the Catholic religion with the Virgin of Regla.

Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso was recognized as the Queen of Salsa and Guarachera of Cuba, for her expressiveness in her way of singing, her reaffirmation as a woman and her way of paying homage to Afro-Cuban religion and culture.

Canto a Yemayá by Celia Cruz (With Lyrics)

This is the lyrics of his song that pays tribute to Yemayá and the Virgin of Regla:

Virgin of Regla, today is your day

Mother of water, my Goddess

Yemayá, you are the queen

It is for you, these songs

What we offer you Oh my mother!

Oh my gosh (x3)




Yemaya hee oloto aboyo Yemaya (x3)





Yemaya hee oloto aboyo Yemaya

EEH YEMAYA YALOTE (is repeated)

Aboyo aeee aboyo (is repeated)

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