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The Candomblé religion and its cult to the soul of nature


Candomblé worships the soul of nature through its gods, and is the religion in which no sex is superior to another, each one has its own quality, and there is a deep respect for the other.

Today it has followers mainly in Brazil, and also in Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain.aña.

If something distinguishes the practice of candomblé, it is that women have important positions, because this religious expression is inspired by the Orishas of the Yoruba pantheon, where females have immense powers that equal male ones.

The adoration of the Orixás

According to the religion of Candomblé, the Orishas or Orixás as they are also known, have also been men and women with immense basic knowledge for survival, such as hunting, planting and the use of medicinal herbs, which meet in the various Patakíes associated with the cult.

The candomblé and santera practiceAs we can see, they are related as religious practices from Africa that focus on the cult of the Orishas and value and respect the feminine word and the power of a woman.

El Candomblé and the soul

This religion is based on the anima (soul) or spirit of nature and also came to Brazil from the hands of African slaves brought to that country in colonial times.

Today, it is one of the main religions established in that Latin American nation, practiced by millions of Brazilians.

Candomblé is a henotheistic religion, whose main god for the Ketú nation is Olorum, for the Bantu nation it is Zambi and for the hehe nation it is Mawu.

The Orixás also known as Inquices or Voduns are the object of worship, and for this reason they receive regular tributes with offerings, songs, dances and special clothing.

Candomblé worships fifty of the hundreds of deities previously worshiped in Africa.

But, although the list of divinities of the different nations is large, many Orixás de ketu can be identified as the Voduns of the Hejé or the Inquices of the Bantu.

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