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Otura Meyi: The Crab lent his head and for good and trustworthy he lost it

Otura Meyi Crab

The crab was a noble and humble animal, he lived in his cave without harming anyone, there he meditated and studied to improve himself and obtain a better future where prosperity and health accompanied himañasenior

Pataki where the crab gave his greatest wealth in exchange for treason

This had a friend who was a headless man, on one occasion said friend wanted to participate in a meeting that would promote Constitution in Oque's house, in order to determine who would rule over the earth.

So the man asked the crab to lend him his head, since he had a lot of knowledge and intelligence, weapons with which he could better defend his criteria before those present.

On the day of the meeting, the man showed up at Oque's house, taking the crab's head with him.

When he began to expose his criteria, he developed loquaciously, being the confidence in his words what surprised everyone who gathered there.  

Olofin was delighted with his performance and apparently his ideas were so sensible, he appointed him spokesman for men on earth, so that through his person the demands of humans would reach the Almighty from a person close and equal to them.

Meanwhile, the crab waited impatiently for his friend when he left the enclosure, to be able to recover the head he had lent.

As the minutes passed, the crab grew impatient, because in such a short time he had been able to understand that he had offered his friend his greatest wealth and the only thing that made him different from the others.

In confidence is the danger…

After a long wait, the man spotted the crab and asked in a rude voice what he was doing there.

He replied that he had gone to find what belonged to him.

The annoyed man replied to the crab that his wish was to keep the head and use all his knowledge to honor his position and thus obtain a rich fortune.

The crab in a desperate attempt to obtain what belonged to him negotiated with the man that he would return his head whenever he needed it, but that it was his right to remain with it as part of his body.

The man did not understand reasons, telling the crab to accept its new condition from then on.

The sad crab left for his house marking a clumsy path, because he lacked his head to find the balance that would allow him to coordinate his movements.

Sadly, he arrived home and when he was rolling down a hill, he stumbled over two pebbles that he later adapted to serve as his eyes, but he never forgot that as good and confident he had lost his head.

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