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Beautiful Song to Yemayá, adoring the Warrior Queen in her day

Sing to Yemayá
  • Photo courtesy of Lachi Owen Martínez

Yemayá reigns that embraces the world with its waves, powerful mother, we approach you on this miraculous day so that you can find in our hearts the power of the love that we feel for you and how much we are willing to do to show it to you.

Mother, many miracles are attributed to you, the religious people follow you and venerate you, we do not expect anything in return other than your eternal understanding and affection.

We ask you Orisha represented through the salt water and the reef to weaken the feelings of envy and malevolence towards us and to make each human being less indolent before the misfortune of others.

Make us comfort ourselves in the good and love of our neighbor and that every good deed we do is multiplied by two.

Do not allow us to make the mistake and if we do so, we will find our way back to the path of good, so that guided by your steps we can continue to fight on the earth plane and we can fulfill our goals, which will have no other objective than to provide honor. family and serve humanity.

A Song to Yemayá, we venerate the Blue Goddess on September 7

Yemayá, my mother, give us your blessing,

For your people on this day evoke you with devotion,

My holy powerful mistress of the entire continent,

Bring health to my Cuba, from the East to the West.

I ask you my great Orisha to forgive the grievances

And that you heal the children using your miracles.

Health and daring are two of your banners,

That is why all your children fight like giants.

Yemayá the powerful, the queen of my nation,

Guide our journey rocking the boat,

Allow us queen mother to be victorious,

And may we find ourselves happy in the desired port.

I evoke you in this song, the sailor queen,

To the Orisha who fearlessly penetrates any border,

You are very great my virgin, you are unique among so many,

That is why the people of Cuba venerate you with confidence.

The seas are your domain and yours is my heart,

And between performances I offer you my adoration.

With your refreshing waters remove evil from my path,

And bring me fortune and love to my destiny.

Little star sailor, Yemayá the captain,

Take the helm of my ship and draw the coordinates,

Give me the courage and the security to make decisions,

Do not allow it to falter by feeding false illusions.

You are unique my mother, you are strong and brave,

Thanks to your accurate delivery, I always find the way out,

Problems are nothing, if you find yourself by my side

At your feet I will prostrate grateful and consecrated.

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