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Invocation to the spiritualities related to Saint Therese of Jesus: Songs

Singing Santa Teresita

Spiritualities related to Saint Therese of Jesus they are present in the life and in the house of the religious.

Generally these beings are identified with nuns or pious women who return to earth to give continuity from their position as spirits to the work of:

  • Evolution, faith and love of neighbor that they developed in life.

Its energy is associated under the light of Santa Teresita de Jesús, a missionary saint who reached the title of doctor of the Catholic Church.

Spirits related to Saint Teresa are called through prayer

Prayer to Saint Teresa of Jesus
St. Teresa of Jesus

These spirits are considered beings of peace and a lot of light, because during their transit through the earthly plane they devoted their lives to doing good, a merit of incalculable value and spiritual development.

These beings are invoked through prayer, as prayers are considered tools that save the religious and keep him away from all evil, giving him joy and encouraging them to be better human beings.

The white flowers and the rosary, elements of faith and purity

When a mass is celebrated in order to call this type of spirituality, it is necessary to place in the spiritual vault white flowers and a rosary

Material elements that represent the purity and continuity of the soul when it passes into the realm of eternity.

There are various chants that have been used in spiritual meetings to pay tribute to the nuns and pious women, the most famous being the one we offer below, for collecting among its stanzas actions of devotion and search for those protections that watch over us.

How useful is the spiritual song to Saint Teresa?

This song must be pronounced once the spiritual work has been opened.

Moment in which the call that invites the Eggunes before the light of the candle is open, for spiritual development, healing and reception of messages by the mediums who attend the meeting, who will be in charge of receiving the messages of the spiritualities.

I sing in the name of the spiritualities related to Saint Therese of Jesus

Saint Teresa Mother, Saint Teresa of Jesus

For the missionary world, Mother

I'm looking for a light

Saint Teresa Mother

Take me to jerusalem

Lend me the three nails of Christ,

Mother lend me yours too

I call mom and she can't hear me

I call dad and neither

I call the guiding beings

That they come little by little.

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