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Why did Obatala curse Cao in Ogbe Osa? The betrayal was NOT forgiven

Cao in Ogbe Osa

Cao was the right hand of Obatala, this was in charge of watching over and advising the Orisha in making decisions regarding the kingdom.

The holy master of intelligence had a daughter whom Cao had secretly fallen in love with.

Pataki where Obatalá punishes whoever betrayed his trust

On a certain occasion, a stranger arrived in the kingdom who little by little gained the confidence of the young woman until he gained her love, a reality that caused great annoyance to the chao who wanted her for himself.

Then the cao in revenge for what happened took all the garments and the gold that was within his reach and hid them, later denouncing the theft of them.

Obatalá did not suspect the bird because in it he had placed all his trust for years pointing out all the accusations to the stranger who was claiming his daughter, taking him prisoner.

Orula advises performing ebbó on behalf of Eleguá and Yemayá

As the days passed, Obatalá's daughter began to despair because the situation of her intended, far from improving, worsened.

So this went to orunmila in search of a solution to their problems.

The Ifá oracle consulted the young woman, leaving her the odun Ogbe Osa, a letter through which she was warned that the person causing the conflicts that existed in her home was someone very trustworthy.

Advising her as a source of solutions to carry out an ebbó to eradicate the problem that afflicted her.

The ebbó consisted of sacrificing a rooster to Eleggua and later take him to the shore of the beach where he had to pray to Yemaya for the freedom of her lover.

Upon returning from the beach, Obatalá's daughter saw the cao digging in the ground to remove the jewels.

When the lie is discovered, trust dies forever

She secretly went to call her father and when they arrived at the scene, they were both surprised by the panorama that her eyes were observing, a scene that had left them speechless.

Obatala outraged he claimed the chao for his attitude, this did not explain how being his trusted man he had dared so much, from that moment he cursed him and condemned him to live disowned as a thief.

After settling accounts with the cao, Obatalá was forced to release his daughter's suitor and publicly offer him an apology for the mistake made against him.

Weeks after this happened, the union of Obatala's daughter and her lover was celebrated in the kingdom.

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