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Characteristics and secret weapons of the Children of Obatala ≫The wise Orisha

Characteristics of the children of Obatala

The sons of Obatala They have distinctive characteristics with respect to other religious. They are people who must act with good, be sincere and not interfere in illegalities.

This Orisha represents her children dressing them in light clothes, preferably white, as this is their base color.

Silver is the precious metal of Obatala and therefore an amulet that protects their children from sorcery and osogbos that are roaming the earth.

This saint expects respect from his descendants, above all, he is usually a protective father, but he does not overlook the faults that they commit by applying these severe punishments.

What are the sons and daughters of the white Orisha like?

The Children of Obatala

The sons of Obatala They must cultivate humility and patience, qualities that the saint advises to possess, since he considers that both are two powerful weapons to overcome difficulties.

The Orisha states that without these, life becomes difficult and derails towards making bad decisions.  

They are demanding people and not at all submissive, they do not expect anything from anyone, so they do not feel in the commitment to venerate any man on the face of the earth.

These human beings are persevering creatures, but when disappointed they turn their backs and never back down in their decisions.

The descendants of the holy protector of all heads were born to lead, so they have a high capacity to take the initiative.

They don't take no for an answer, they don't give up, and they always fight to achieve their dreams.

Learn about the secret weapons of the Obatala devotees.

The secret weapon of the sons of the white deity is the cascarilla, an ingredient that purifies, protects and provides development.

His sacred ewes (herbs) are cotton and almonds, magical herbs of great power through which his father sends his blessings when they use them in spoils and cleansing rituals.

Stubbornness and caprice are the greatest defects that the descendants of Obatala possess.

Stubbornness and caprice are the greatest defects that the descendants of Obatalá possess, because when they cling to an idea or a person they rarely let go of it easily, even if this hurts them.

They are impulsive in making decisions, for this reason Obatalá always advises them to act with caution and use intelligence. 

Do you know the physical characteristics of Baba's children?

A characteristic physical feature of the children of this African deity is the presence of gray hair at an early age, which is why their hair quickly turns white.

It is common in these the absence of moles on their skin and having some mark on the ears.

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