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Know these 10 Characteristics of the Children of Yemayá, the Yoruba Mother

Characteristics of the sons of Yemayá

Yemayá the owner of the sea, the protector and giver of life, the one who cares for the bellies of women, the one who dances on the blue waves of the salty waters of the world, the mother of all men, the one who provides life and abundance in her wake will always be there to protect us with justice and love.  

The Yoruba goddess Yemayá in the Santeria or Rule of Osha It is received as a tutelary Orisha, that is, it is crowned when a person "becomes a saint."

His Omo (children) have been chosen by the deity so that under his mantle they follow the good paths of life, following his advice and always counting on his blessing, of course the religious must be respectful and always comply with the goddess.

Do you know what the Sons of Yemayá are like in the Yoruba religion?

  1. The Sons of Yemayá are willful, fighters, strong and determined, firmness characterizes them in life.  
  2. They have a great spirit of improvement, they are constant in reaching their goals, they are usually very intelligent, skillful and persuasive.
  3. If something characterizes the people crowned under the mantle of Yemayá, it is that they are extremely protective and determined.
  4. The sons and daughters of Yemayá have the gift of wisdom, therefore they are great advisers and are always with open arms to help their friends at any time.
  5. They are disinterested, but they like abundance, fortune, good things, luxury and comfort, they can just relate to the great riches that the Orisha Yemayá possesses at the bottom of the seas.
  6. Yemayá's children are also sensitive, they are very affected by bad actions, betrayals and offenses hurt, which they never forget, even if they forgive them.
  7. They are usually very good parents, overprotective and affectionate, this represents one of the positive and valuable aspects of the children of Yemayá.
  8. The characteristics of the children of Yemayá qualify them as impetuous, inflexible, strong, constant, with a spirit of improvement, authoritarian.
  9. The children of Iya Yemayá feel the energy of the seas, for this reason they are irresistibly attracted by the sea and blue waters, and like the ocean, they can be changeable, sometimes calm, other stormy.

For this reason it is said that, although the children of Yemayá are calm like a peaceful sea, if they are in the middle of a storm they can stir like violent waves.

  1. In love they are passionate people, but with firm words, when they make a decision they rarely back down. They give all their love without asking for anything in return, they give themselves completely.

Other qualities that define the Sons of Yemayá:

The children of Yemayá on earth find the energy of the goddess of the sea in nature, right in the power of the water element, in the crests of the ocean waves that crash like a dance against the coasts and rocks.

Some of its flaws They manifest when they are stubborn, jealous, and possessive.

Waste is his greatest treasure, but also his downfall, and what is lost can be recovered with the divine help of Yemayá.

For this reason, they are advised to be thrifty, look to the future and plan their lives for not so prosperous times.

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