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20 Characteristics of Oshún, the Yoruba Goddess who is pure honey and sweetness

Oshún Characteristics

Oshún Goddess and Orisha of love and fresh waters, she is entrusted with our secrets, we go to her rivers so that she can give us sweetness and give us her benevolence.

Owner and mistress of the world's rivers who have power over their waters, she is Queen of all waterfalls and exercises her power over fresh water, without which life on earth would be impossible.

Legends (patakies) tell that Oshún went through a lot of work and received many offenses, but she always stood firm with her head held high, helping and saving her sisters Yemayá and Oyá.

And even when she only had a single dress she shone above all and that caused envy to others.

But for his love for others in the end he obtained the grace that he granted his sister Yemayá, offering her long hair and chests loaded with jewels, mysteries and riches of the sea.

Oshún for this symbolizes the continuous struggle of life, abundance and sacrifice.

Qualities that define the Orisha Oshún in the Yoruba religion

The characteristics of Oshún focus on its power and beauty, know some of them:

  1. Oshún is an older Osha and belongs to the group of the leading Orishas and is also one of the Seven African Powers.
  2. When you promise something to Oshún you must keep him because otherwise he can get angry, it is very calamitous.

For this reason, Oshún always warns us that thanking is one of the values ​​that we must keep in mind and never forget it. She represents religious severity and infallible punishment.

  1. She is granted the art of feminine vanity and is beautiful among the beautiful, many call her the Venus of the Yoruba Pantheon.
  2. She is the most expert in matters of spells about love, bringing couples closer together and also getting them out of the way. It is also recognized for its generosity in offering material wealth.
  3. He takes care of the female belly and is the one who controls abdominal problems.

Women go to her when pregnancies are complicated, when they are pregnant, after childbirth to take care of newborn children, and when they have fertility problems.

At the body level it provides protection in:

  • The genital parts,
  • blood problems
  • in the liver and
  • bleeding
  1. She is the owner of honey and by sweetening with it she gets everything she wants, honey is also one of the offerings she likes the most.
  2. Oshún is the one who controls the Egguns and dead, she is their foreman.
  3. Take care of the family and avoid the fire that can be caused in the homes.
  4. Together with Obbatalá the father of the world and Yemayá the universal mother governs the creation of the fetus in the womb.
  5. Oshún is called Ìyálóòde (Iyalodde), this is a title that is awarded to her among the community of women in Nigeria to which she is most important and prominent.
  6. It has a unique sensuality and shines above all the others.

She dances exuberantly, waving her hands to ring her gold bracelets, her hips are moving rhythmically and erotically, with her hands she attracts men and smears her body in honey as a weapon of seduction.

  1. Oshún greatly protects the female sex and her children. She does not like to have her proteges mistreated, she is fair and under no circumstances allows offenses such as violence.
  2. It usually causes fights between men and Orishas for the opposite sex.
  3. She is a very beautiful, outgoing mulatto woman, likes to dance and parties, she is very cheerful, but she is also rigorous and righteous.
  4. It symbolizes the energy of feelings and spirituality.
  5. Because she is the smallest in the Yoruba Pantheon, she is very spoiled by everyone else; she is the only one who can come to Olofin to order for us.
  6. He loves to go through the mountains playing with the animals and singing, all the animals love him and obey him, many often say that not even the scorpions bite him.
  7. With her laugh she kills, because when she laughs out loud it means that she is very upset.
  8. Oshún's greatest pride is his long hair, which is why his daughters should not cut it off.
  9. Who Oshún is born from is a highly debated topic, for example:
  • It is said that she is the daughter of Nana Burukú and Olofin;
  • others say that it was born from Obbatalá and Yemayá; and
  • also that she is the youngest daughter of Oloddumare, the supreme god.

Oshún's characteristics are beautiful, they teach us a lot about his deity and the power he possesses in the Santeria or Rule of Osha, a cult where he is venerated for the great love and ashé that he offers to men on earth.

Venerating Oshún with Offerings, know some:

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