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Letter to Obatalá: loving you explodes my chest like a volcano in perennial eruption

Letter to Obatala

Dear Father Obatala when I found out about your existence I was very young, I had not yet learned to express myself correctly and I played with dolls, embracing religion was the answer that my ancestors found to achieve the health that I needed so much under your protection.

I grew up in a religious house where worshiping you was a tradition, I feel that a greater blessing in the world has not been able to reach me than having come to crown you on my head, because from the moment you came into my life I have only known happiness, because even in In moments of affliction, your light has been able to guide me on the right path.

It is common to see in Yoruba temples how all women want to be daughters of Oshun and men to be sons of Shangó, perhaps this decision is moved in them by more cultural problems than faith itself, the truth is that being the daughter of a great king has allowed me to forge myself as I never thought I would, today I understand those who cried out of ignorance when they found out about your children and I know that their feelings were not contempt for you but misinformation, but I am convinced that no more blessing has reached me great than to find myself under your mantle.

Thanks to you I recovered my patience and drew strength from where I didn't even know I had, your crown made me stronger and braver, while also making me more tolerant and understanding.

Only you Baba know the sacrifices with which my saint was crowned and how much a desperate mother was able to do to save her daughter.

Today it only remains for me to thank you and feel lucky that this 2022 you rule over the Yoruba land and flood the world with peace and mercy, two virtues that I longed for have been extinguished attacked by the hatred and selfishness with which the world has been clouded. heart of some human beings.

If I had to ask you for something, above riches and utopias of prosperity, it would be that you do not depart from my life and that you continue to accompany me the day that Olofin ends my mission on earth, only then will I be able to thank you from faith for everything you have done. done by me, I am aware that sometimes not even the most experienced religious are consistent with the sacrifices that the Eggunes and the Orishas must surely make to save their children.

I do not consider myself the best nun, nor the most capable nor the one who deserves to be indulged in whatever action I desire, but you can be sure of one thing, my father, and it is that I have come to love you more than anything in this world, with a love that overflows in my chest like a volcano in perennial eruption. 

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