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Casa de África, a Museum to appreciate Afro-Cuban culture

Africa house

A place where the roots of two peoples intertwine, giving rise to intense cultural, traditional and religious displays ... that allows us to know the true Cuban identity and the mysteries of our ancestors.

La africa house It is a museum full of secrets, located in the Historic Center of Old Havana and that has an extensive collection of African objects, a unique place of its kind in Cuba.

The institution houses a large number of objects and items that imitate daily life and beliefs in different African regions.

A story of legends in the House of Africa

El Africa House Museum It was inaugurated on January 6, 1986, and its objective is to offer its visitors a glimpse of the traditions that unite the Cuban and African peoples, through an ethnographic collection of the African continent.

In it, more than two thousand pieces are exhibited, from immense wood carvings to tiny pieces in ivory, so that the public knows the spectacular culture of a distant continent, but at the same time, close to Cubans in terms of culture, customs and myths. 

House of Africa, roots and culture

La Africa House of the Office of the City Historian, is located at Calle Obrapía # 157 e / Mercaderes and San Ignacio, Historic Center of Old Havana and treasures a historical and cultural aspect that all Cubans should know.

There, you can see about the process of slavery in Cuba and its influence, about the creation of the museum of The Slave Route in the Castle of San Severino and you can glimpse the remains of the Old Triunvirate Mill.

La Africa House It also presents the different deities of the Afro-Cuban religions with exponents such as the Orishas, ​​the Ireme (little Abakuá devil), the Bantu blacks and the Weimilere of the Yoruba pantheon.

Services and activities offered at the Museum:

Among the services provided by this wonderful museum are cultural activities that include the different Afro-Cuban religions and guided tours that allow you to delve into the island's cultural riches.

Visual arts exhibitions are exhibited, as well as scientific works that promote research on the African roots that we inherit.

Among them, the Scientific Workshop on Afro-American Social and Cultural Anthropology is more relevant. Among Cubans, held annually in commemoration of the anniversary of the House of Africa.

The Museum of Africa also has a specialized Library where important authors such as Fernando Ortiz, Cuban anthropologist and journalist who dedicated part of his work to the investigation of Afro-Cuban historical-cultural roots, stand out.

The space allows you to go through the different exhibited collections, each one rich in history and identity.

Collections exhibited in the Museum:

CollectionSpace dedicated to:
Of slaveryThey show objects and images that show the process of slavery in Cuba.
Fernando OrtizRoom that shows personal objects and books of Don Ortiz, one of the most relevant figures of Cuban culture, objects used in different Afro-Cuban religious practices are also displayed.
MasksThese types of objects, whether with human or animal characteristics, were very representative elements in African culture.
Of textiles and clothingTypical clothing and costumes used in Africa where different clothing materials and decorative elements are appreciated.
Of utensils woven with vegetable fibersVaried elements in materials and colors, including baskets, a widely used instrument for transporting products.
By African countriesSpace that houses a mock-up map with the geographical distribution of the African countries, in addition, the customs and particular attributes that identify cultures of the African continent are exhibited through different collections.
Of musical instrumentsThe showroom shows important musical pieces that highlight the African culture, among them a unique piece due to its great historical and cultural value, the Aará de Arará Sabalú drum.
Of popular religiositySpace that shows Cuban popular religiosity of African origin according to the ethno-linguistic group (Los Yorubas, Calabar, Bantú)
By cultural manifestations and countriesRoom that shows the most relevant cultural features of the African continent through utilitarian and artistic objects.
Of carvings and ivoriesThe ivory handicraft work of the African peoples is exhibited, as well as the handicrafts and articles that they made.  

The house of Africa is a magical place full of identity, just by walking its rooms you enter an ancestral history full of faith, religiosity and culture.

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