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Cayo las Brujas: A legend of love and ghostly specters

Fall of the Witches

Close to Caibarién, exactly located in the northern keys of the Cuban archipelago, stands one of the most exotic tourist destinations in Cuba.

The place named as Cayo Las Brujas is an earthly paradise for those who visit the island.

This emblematic natural place is not famous only for its great beauty but for the legend that surrounds the tourist destination, which is woven with threads of love and supernatural enchantments.

The popular myth that was born from a sad love story 

Years ago, a popular myth began to spread like wildfire, in which many residents claimed that Cayo Las Brujas was the meeting place for many ghostly specters who sought to seal numerous pacts with their sand.

Formulation that arose from the old legend that gave its name to the site, where a coven of witches assisted a young couple in love, who in the past was persecuted by social and economic prejudices.

Secret loves between Witches ...

The legend places as protagonists a young woman from the well-to-do class and a fisherman, who, repudiated by the stereotypes of society, were forced to live their love in secret, receiving only the help of the ghosts that roamed the key and the witch's coven. that were held there, who provided lovers with a paradisiacal place to sponsor their meetings.

The girl's father never saw the union with good eyes, doing everything possible to separate them.

For this reason, on a certain occasion, he commissioned his firstborn's brothers to intoxicate the fisherman so that he would be forced to break his word to his beloved, absent himself on one of his laborious appointments.

It is said that due to the shame and abandonment infused in her by her lover, the girl disappeared in a place near the keys, thus canceling all traces of life on her person and failing that the fisherman went out every day in his boat to look for her being guided by the witches, who took him to the place where he could secretly meet his love.

to the mañaOne day after returning to the mainland, the young man claimed to have been with his girlfriend and the coven.

Statement that the entire town never finished believing because they had knowledge of the young woman's death, a reality that led to the fisherman being branded as suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness.

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