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In Ogbe Otura the hunter became rich by following Orula's advice

Hunter in Ogbe Otura

Through Ogbe Otura Ifá tells the story of a hunter who was very boastful.

He boasted in the town of his great qualities to catch prey and each arrival afternoon he expressed having hunted a lion, then a tiger and finally a bear, but when the villagers went to witness the treasure they never found any clue of the animal.

So he had acquired a reputation as a liar and no one took him seriously.

Pataki where Olofin's blessing arrives in payment of honesty

The hunter affected by the opinion that they had of him in the town went to the house of orunmila looking for help.

He consulted him and marked an ebbó in which he had to go into the forest and burn all the clothes he was wearing.

This, he did so and while his clothes were consumed he lay down on the grass falling asleep.

Meanwhile in the distance a caravan spotted the smoke and approached the place where it came from to see what had happened.

Upon arrival they saw a naked man and offered him clothing, food and a horse so that he could return home.

Back in town, everyone was surprised to see him so well dressed, and he asked to speak with Constitution for he needed to give the Orisha extremely important information.

When he was face to face with Olofin he informed him that a caravan was approaching the kingdom to bring much prosperity.

The people of the region made fun of him and he decided to wait quietly for his arrival, after a few hours the procession entered and the town was filled with riches.

  • Olofin, in return for the hunter's honesty, gave him a great fortune and as a result of that event, people respected him and took him seriously.

Ifá councils in the odun Ogbe Otura:

Ogbe Otura is an odun where the religious should not tell lies, since he is presumed to be self-sufficient and therefore has little credibility.

This Ifá is a letter of success where the person gets to acquire an important position in life, either by inheritance or through third parties.

In Ogbe Otura you must have faith in religion and follow Orunmila's advice to the letter, as this is the Orisha who knows the destiny of all human beings.

In this odun you should not stop making any ebbó, because in these is the fate of the person.

Ebbó is a sacred cleansing in Santeria, learn more about its power:

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