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What does the Sacred Ceiba represent in the Yoruba Religion?

La Ceiba Santeria

La Ceiba is a sacred tree within the Santeria Rule, numerous generations of religious have come to her to carry out their consecrations.

In the same way, the spirits that descend to earth in order to pay penances, settle pending accounts with mortals and fulfill missions, come to his presence on pilgrimage.

Respect is due to this magical plant, the Osha establishes that it is strictly forbidden toañarla, because any act executed against him will be taken as a profanation towards religion, so much so that it is believed that the punishment imposed for such sacrileges is paid with life.

La Ceiba, tree revered by the Yoruba:

This blessed tree is related to certain Orishas belonging to the Yoruba Pantheon such as:

  • Orisha Oko the farmer,
  • Kawó Silé the king of Batá drums,
  • Obatala the owner of all heads and
  • Oggún the Orisha to whom iron belongs.

In one way or another, each saint mentioned above has a secret pact with La Ceiba which is closely related to many of its spells.

La Ceiba is worshiped in many Yoruba religious branches, among which we can mention the Congos who nicknamed it Nkunia or house of Sambi, a warrior and protector deity.

This tree is considered one of the main woods present in all garments.

The Ararás consider the Ceiba as a deity to which they worship and adore, this omnipotence is known under the name of Aramú, sacrifices and consecrations are made to it to obtain health, well-being and prosperity.

The virtues of the Ceiba and its close relationship with the spirits.

Among its virtues is its protective capacity because with its shadow it protects those in need who come before its presence accompaniedañatwo of songs and prayers.

This is the plant in charge of receiving the spirits of the Yoruba believers consecrated in the Rule of Palo Mayombe.

From this belief arose the ceremony of feeding him at the foot of the ceiba tree in the shadow of the spirits that are housed in it, to fulfill the missions assigned to him from his new position.

The aforementioned rituals must be performed by an empowered religious, otherwise multiple spiritual confusions could be created, which would lead to delay for those who performed them, even affecting the dead.

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