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Centella Ndoki and its 21 ways: The Spirit that dominates the Dead

Centella Ndoki paths

El Palo is one among the many ancient religions born in Africa and has four branches that are Palo Briyumba, Palo Monte, Palo Kimbisa and Palo Mayombe.

In it, everything that exists in the Universe was created by its only God. Zambia.

The Rule of the Stick teaches respect for humanity and other ethical and moral values ​​that those belonging to the world must have, that is, the religious house to which they belong.

Did you know that the meaning of the word "stick" is trees?

You may wonder What does this religion have to do with trees?

Well, in this religion as among many, there is the belief that spirits live in the world and that these habitan in the sacred trees.

The priests and priestesses of this religion work around spirits that are essential, which are called Mpungos, Nkisi, Kimpungulo or Nkita and these live in rivers, seas, forests, that is, in nature.

Among the mpungos is Centella Ndoki, also named Mama Wanga, Yayá Kéngue, Pungu Mama Wanga and Kariempembe.

Centella Ndoki Who is it and how is it characterized?

  • Centella Ndoki represents the spirits of the graves, dominates the eggúns (spirits and dead), winds and storms.
  • She is highly respected and feared, has an arrogant character and is very obnoxious.
  • In religious houses they prefer to have it well protected and isolated.

In the Rule of the Stick his deity has three identities:

  1. The first is named Centellita and she is a young woman who has a lot of wealth and fortune and is also faithful to her principles.
  2. The second is named Centella and represents a brave mother, acts without fear of anything and is very challenging.
  3. The third is Centella Ndoki and she is the one who gives everything she has without ever expecting anything in return, but she is also constantly betrayed.

There is a controversy in this religion because some say that it is linked to male deities, being a female deity.

When Centella Ndoki is disturbed, she becomes enraged in such a way that she fires flashes and the winds become very dangerous and strong.

Syncretism of the Mayombe deity in the Yoruba Pantheon:

  • In the Rule of Osha-Ifá (Santeria) is syncretized with the spark warrior Oyá Change, the mother of nine eggunes or spirits, who cares for the dead and lives in the cemetery.

Centella Ndoki has 21 paths:

As we have seen Centella is a powerful Mayombe entity, each of her paths or avatars refer to her various reincarnations of her on earth. The same that keep many secrets and mysteries.

1. Centella Ndoki Talatarde Munanfilo
2. Centella Ndoki Nsila Bad Viand
3. Centella Ndoki Breaks Mount Dark Night
4. Centella Ndoki Punta Talumba
5. Centella Ndoki Seven Gate Vira
6. Centella Ndoki Ñunga Ñunga Ndoki Bad
7. Centella Ndoki Sabana Ngombe Devarata Component
8. Centella Ndoki Defeat War Ngombe Loose
9. Centella Ndoki Lindero Ngó Lafinda 

10. Twinkle Ndoki Eyebrow Mount
11. Centella Ndoki Scupi Blood
12. Centella Ndoki Seven Bell
13. Centella Ndoki Lutete Lumbamba Ndoki Yaya
14. Centella Ndoki Bad Wind Katilemba
15. Centella Ndoki Dark Mount Sun Sun Vira Vira
17. Centella Ndoki Field Finda Ndoki
18. Centella Ndoki Kunalumbo
19. Centella Ndoki Monte Dark
20. Centella Ndoki Cotafilo Comulemba

21. Centella Ndoki Vira World Battle

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