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What does it mean to Feed the Earth? Honoring Inle Oguere

Ceremony of feeding the earth

En the Rule of Osha-Ifá (Santería) a very important and sacred ceremony is performed, this is "feeding the earth"

Y What is the ceremony of feeding the earth called in the Yoruba religion? It is also known as Inle Oguere.

The food and offerings that are given to the deity Inle Oguere are in a show of respect and homage for all that it offers us in our existence, for being a divine provider of all the natural elements that Mother Nature gives us.

Why is Mother Earth worshiped in the Yoruba religion?

When we feed the earth, the deity of Inle Oguere, daughter of Olodumare the Supreme God, is worshiped, who gives us everything we need to live and also the great Orishaoko, who represents the land and crops.

The earth offers us shelter and offers us sustenance through its crops, the earth deserves respect, otherwise its power will punish.

For what reason is the Ceremony of feeding the Earth held?

Feed the earth

It is done for many reasons, for example to:

  • Ensure prosperity, health, development,
  • clean our body and astral,
  • connect spiritually with Mother Earth and
  • reach and maintain all the Iré that we need for our walk in life.

What does it take to do this sacred Yoruba ceremony?

Basically, the Oriaté, Olorisha or Babalawo who perform this ceremony must prepare in different dishes food such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and unpeeled vegetables, feather or 4-legged animal, smoked jutía, smoked fish, roasted corn, and pumpkin.

Among the elements you cannot miss, honey, corojo butter, cascarilla, eggs, coal, coconut, and in general, everything that the earth offers us.

To take into account when carrying out the ceremony:

  • The views of the coconut cannot be missed to ask the deities.
  • All those present in this ceremony must cover their heads with white caps or keels (scarves) and personally in my house of saint, they are all dressed in white or light colors.

Where is this ritual performed?

  • For this ritual you must have a piece of land or you can go to the mountains.

There a hole must be opened, but before opening it prayers are made and some Odun (signs) are marked.

The size of the hole should always be taken into account and that it is deep, so that it can receive the offerings.

Start the ceremony of feeding the earth How is it done?

  1. We proceed to Moyugbar (invocations where the protection of the deceased is requested) and the deities are given knowledge of what is being done.
  2. Then the animal to be sacrificed is presented to the person, always starting with the person with the highest religious hierarchy, all those present are cleaned with the animal and it is sacrificed.
  3. I continue with this, people are also presented with all the other elements to offer to the earth to cleanse themselves with them.
  4. In other words, everything with which one cleans oneself goes to the hole in the earth, that is the purpose, that the earth receives those offerings and that it takes away all the bad things that we have and assures us the best in life.
  5. In the ceremony then he asks if everything is accepted, he proceeds to cover the hole and the candles must be lit.

This is a general idea of ​​how to perform the sacred ceremony to the earth, for when they tell you that you must feed the earth you have an idea of ​​what it is like.

As for me, it is a ceremony that does me good, I like it a lot because it is beautiful and the spirituality it offers is immense.

And I find it more beautiful when it begins to bloom from that hole in the earth, all those foods that I gave to Mother Earth.

Let us take care of our roots, our legacy and the land that gives us so many benefits every day.

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