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The Elekes Ceremony or "the half-seat of the saint"

Necklace delivery ceremony

The rite of placing the elekes or Yoruba necklaces to the initiate in the Santería It is a very important ceremony because it is established as the prelude to the coronation of the guardian angel in the Osha.

In this ceremony the devotee will receive from the hands of his godmother or godfather, five foundation necklaces belonging to the older Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon.

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The objective of this ritual is to promote balance and union between the spiritual and physical plane of the religious, representing the elekes directly one of the material manifestations of the Orishas that rule over astrality and the human body.

Necklace delivery ceremony

Are needed five necklaces in order to perform this ritual:

  • The first represents Eleggua Orisha owner of all the paths of life,
  • the second corresponds to Oshun the owner of the honey of bees,
  • it is followed by the eleke of Kawo Sile the king of lightning,
  • the fourth necklace concerns Yemaya the mother of the world and
  • finally, the representative of Obatala Greater saint and owner of all heads.

Start of the ceremony:

To start the ceremony, it is necessary that there is a favorable and calm environment so that the spiritualities settle correctly and the person's astral is not twisted.

Usually the delivery is made in the room of the house that is destined to carry out religious activities.

He sits or kneels on a mat to the religious who will be given the necklaces and with the help of the agogo (bell) of Obatalá, they are presented one by one on his body.

From there, other secret ceremonies begin to develop that end with the individual and cephalic introduction of the necklaces.

The sacred necklaces deserve respect:

It is the duty of the godfather or godmother explain to the religious the importance and usefulness of the necklaces, it is necessary to indicate to the same that these should be treated with respect because they represent the Orishas and religion in general.

Elekes behave with pride as they represent centuries of customs and religious traditions, these have been throughout history the salvation of many people who have taken refuge in their power in order to overcome obstacles and overcome difficult moments.

Devotees have held onto their faith by the necklaces to go through long and narrow processes of disease and loss, just as they have relied on the guidance they offer in order to give a new orientation to their lives. 

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