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What color represents Changó? Its history and meanings

chango color

there where red represents impulsiveness and the stormy passion, white symbolizes restraint and purity, thought before force. And that is why this color combination represents the great Shango, King of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Changó is a brave warrior, extremely strong and masculine, who raises the color red as a symbol of power, courage, manly strength and the joy and intensity of living fully.

But he is also the Orisha of justice, the one who punishes those who act unjustly, fortune teller and interpreter of oracles who also represents intelligence and sagacity.

Why White and Red for Shango? pataki

A pataki (Yoruba legend) tells that Shangó led a carefree life of women and parties. In addition, his confrontations with Oggún, the owner of the iron, were common and when they saw each other, thunder was heard in the sky and many lightning bolts.

Obbatalá decided to end the fight and called Shango, explaining that he had to control his temper.

"Your energy is great, but you need the direction. That's why i give you this gift and esquire"Baba told him.

Obbatalá took out the white bead necklace that he always wore and removed one of the beads and gave it to Shango. Since then the white color for Changó is a symbol of peace and wisdom, to control your energy wisely.

The combination of both colors made the virtue of Rey del Rayo was justice and not revenge.

From that moment on, Shangó wore his necklace of red and white beads and has been the Orisha of justice, spreading mercy and peace to the marginalized. That is why her necklace in the Regla de Osha (Santeria) is red and white.

Shades in balance: Meanings of red and white

Shango Necklace

The mixture of red and white associated with Shango it has a powerful spiritual meaning that balances the qualities and powers of that mighty deity.

What does the red color of Shango represent??

  • Red is a symbol of life, of vigorous force, of the yearning for conquest and expansion, of the eager desire for dominance, qualities of Shango as a warrior and king.
  • The brightest shades of red symbolize love, bravery and courage to overcome difficulties.
  • Red also responds to self-confidence and courage, definitions that are present in the legends associated with the King of Thunder.
  • A color that represents the energy of fire and power, absolute trust and even battle.

Meaning of the color white:

For its part, white defines tranquility and thought, something that achieves balance with the stormiest side of Shangó and that totally defines Father Obatalá.

  • The purity of feelings, the spirituality and tranquility of white is what Shango can transmit to his children and devotees.
  • White is light, it is hope, peace and justice, the King of the Yoruba pantheon reflects this when he is wise, fair and acts as a benevolent father.

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