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3 Characteristics that define Chango as a Powerful Warrior

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Monkey, is the leader of Santeria within the Yoruba religion and a powerful Yoruba warrior whose history of victories and military genius have made him one of the most revered gods of the Rule of the Ocha. It is associated with rituals of dance, virility, thunder, lightning and fire.

Chango: A Warrior King in History

Chango warrior

Chango in history, is one of the kings of the Yoruba religion. Legends tell that Chango was a king, a great warrior and a famous sorcerer, who led armies and returned people to the path of the Ifa teachings.

Most of the ways of the deity are related to their different reigns and their invincible warrior strength.

But since Changó also represents masculinity, many of his patakíes narrate their battles for the love of different women.

Let's see now, 3 of the characteristics that define Chango as a powerful Yoruba warrior:

1. The warrior leader Alafin

This is one of the roads of Chango that indicates that he was the fourth Alafín or King of Oyó and was part of the second dynasty of Oduduwa after the destruction of Katonga.

As a monarch proud of his beliefs, he undertook the task of showing the Yoruba faith to the people again and that they would thus enjoy the teachings of the one God. Thus he led the armies always carrying faith as a banner.

This path was part of a momentous moment in Yoruba history, a warrior and king that everyone loved. He was the one who built the battle formations and conquered the Yoruba empire thanks to his wisdom.

2. The Orisha of justice With him everything is paid!

Chango is the Orisha of justice and is characterized as historical and divine. He is a righteous deity who does not allow abuses to be commented, always makes evil pay and acts against enemies.

obbatala the wise father of humanity, gave him the mission of always ensuring the fulfillment of just causes and fighting injustices.

For this he gave him a white bead, as a symbol of peace and wisdom, which the Orisha of Thunder uses together with the red beads of his necklace.

Obbatalá told Shango that, from that moment on, his virtue would be justice and that he would ensure compliance with the commandments of Ifá.

3. Warrior offerings dedicated to Chango

Shangó, as a deity with an explosive character and a strong soldier, likes strong, spicy or well-seasoned foods, always accompanied byañadas of red wine, because that is the favorite drink of warriors and kings.

And it is for this and much more that Shango, the King of Kings, was always considered strong, brave and fair, associated with reason, knowledge and intellect, as well as the values ​​of justice and law.

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